Beautiful feet and a BMW.

Today I have been thinking about the fact we have beautiful feet.

Physically, maybe.

I mean, I do quite like my feet.

But spiritually, definitely.

As Christians we do.

Have beautiful feet.

The Word says it clearly: ‘Beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News.’

Because as we bring the Good News, beautiful are our feet.


But so often, we are more worried about our other body parts.

I know I am.

I’m more worried about my image. My reputation. What people think of me.

And I’m less concerned with having beautiful feet.


But I’m praying that I would have more beautiful feet.

And be most concerned about having beautiful feet.


Now, something happened at work today that brought this home to me.

This idea of communicating good news.

Me and some work mates have had to drive to Perth for a couple of days meetings. So we organised. We hired a 7 seater car. We booked hotel rooms. We packed posh clothes for our posh evening do and following days planning. Like you do.

And this morning, the hire car company came to drop off the car at the office.

Normally they leave the keys and run.

But today was different.

A woman from the hire car company came upstairs and asked to speak to the lady that made the booking.

That was me.

So one of our administrators showed a rather nervous looking lady into my office.

And she quietly told me that there was a problem with our booking.

So, I began to panic a bit.

Her mood seemed so somber.

‘I don’t think we’ve been able to get the car you wanted’, she said. ‘Can you come downstairs you check you would be happy to sign for the vehicle?’

My thoughts began to run…

Could they not get us a 7 seater car?

Had she hit something in the car park? (Been there done that!)

Had they not had time to clean the vehicle?


So, I tentatively followed her downstairs, and into the car park.


To see a brand new BMW 4×4 sparkling in the Highland sun. Diesel. Turbo. Shiny. Impressive. Worth almost as much as my house.

‘We were worried you might not want to drive such an expensive car. Are you happy to sign for it?’ She asked.


Now, she was giving us an amazing car.

Of course we wanted to drive it.

This was good news.

Good news!

Was she crazy?

I signed on the spot.

My team were ecstatic.

We got to travel in luxurious style, ruling the road, and laughing our heads off.


But she had been filled with such fear about giving us good news.

Just like we are sometimes.


Now, I’m not saying everyone will receive the Gospel. Holy Spirit knows hearts. But you get my point. How many times are we like that poor hire car lady? We have Good News. Salvation News. But we shuffle in apologetically, forgetting that our beautiful feet count more than our temporary reputation and feelings of human comfort.

But my prayer is that He would make my feet beautiful.


So that was today.


And the challenge of beautiful feet.




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