What shines through?

I’ve been continuing to think today about what shines through in my life?

What do people see?

Do they see a beautiful face, a beautiful heart or beautiful feet?

And what really matters?

What shines through?


Now, take this example.

It’s not really a secret that I love Earl Grey tea.

Like, I really love it.

In a very well known way.

Everyone who knows me (even a little) knows it.

My friends buy me Earl Grey themed presents, bake me Earl Grey flavoured cup cakes and make me cups of Earl Grey tea when I’m feeling sad.

Twinings. Tazo. Clipper. I drink them all.

Decaf. With Jasmine. With Lemon. With anything. I’ll try any variety.

Always with a dash of milk.

Last night I was at a work function with some colleagues, and they all know… when they hit the bar… they may drink wine. But I will drink Earl Grey tea.

Unembarrassingly. Unashamedly. Drink Earl Grey tea.

They love me. They know I love tea. 

But they also know that the reason I don’t drink alcohol is because I love God and I want to honour Him with my body.

And that’s what they see.


I was once interviewing for a new worker with my boss.

And as we undertook a long day of interviews and paperwork, he made me something.

I love it.

It’s stuck on the wall of my office.

If you can’t quite read that, let me explain.

It’s my name, with descriptions of what he perceived as my primary personality traits written next to each letter.

Pretty amusing. And a little accurate. 


P – practical, positive, pushy (in a good way)

E – energetic, exciting, educated, enthusiastic 

T – tenacious, terrific, tremendous, thorough

A – able, approachable, ambitious, articulate  


Because that’s what he sees. And I pray he sees that it’s because of Jesus, because I long for Him to shine through in my motivations, my work and my energy. Because I work hard, because of Him. 

So what shines through?

And what does God see? 

And what really matters?


Laura Hackett sings a beautiful song called ‘Sleepwalking’, and the lyrics have been in my head as I’ve been mulling over these questions today.

I want something real, something raw

Not tainted, jaded by this world

Cause I’m scared, really scared that something’s going down

And the life that I’ve been clinging to won’t make it, won’t make it through the storm.

I’ve been shaken deep inside, though my skin may well hide it

My possessions won’t save me, my beauty means nothing in eternity

This world’s been sleepwalking off a cliff, but my eyes have been opened, my eyes have been opened

To this pleasurable exterior, it’s only skin deep, and it’s terror that lies underneath 

So wake up, wake up O my soul, it’s a new revelation 

Wake up, wake up O my soul, where is your eternal destination?

Wake up, wake up O my soul, turn from your path of  destruction 

The time has come to turn, to turn to the Lord your God.


Because I long for beautiful feet. Because beautiful feet will last in eternity.

Building with gold and silver and precious stones.

A beautiful face or a successful career or wordly esteem, none of that will last… But beautiful feet, and a light that shines brightly on a hill, burning for Jesus against the backdrop of a dark work, that will remain. 

And my soul has been awakened by God, to stay awake.

To remain vibrant.

Oh Jesus, keep me awake, and aflame, and shining for you, that I may stand as a trophy of Your abundant mercy.

I love You.




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