Yellow tights make meetings more fun!

It’s a fact.

Yellow tights make meetings more fun.

Today I’ve been at a corporate management meeting in Perth. Most people were in suits. A few people were in shirts and jeans. And I was in a blue and white dress with bright yellow tights.

I was smart enough. 

Just about.

But a little bit more vibrant than the average grey and blue tones that were on display around the room.

And it was a good day.


I actually wasn’t looking forward to it.

It’s been a bit of a tough, busy week and I was feeling pretty tired, and not up for animated public speaking and having an important-decision-making-head-on.

But God blessed me today, in unexpected ways. 

And I felt Holy Spirit very close to me, affirming me, strengthening me and encouraging me.

Three things stood out.

1. My wonderful house mate brought me chocolate limes. Now this may seem like a small, silly thing, but it really, really blessed me. It reminded me that I live with a wonderful, thoughtful girl of God who knows me so well and just radiates Holy Spirit. It reminded me that I am totally blessed to have friends I can laugh with, be accountable to, and pursue God with. And who buy me chocolate limes. Even when they hate them.

2. I got to sit at a table with three really good guys that I work with. I am blessed to meet regularly and have such a good laugh with my management counterparts from across Scotland. So today, despite the occasional dryness of the meeting, I laughed a lot, and listened to the guys talk about football under their breath and then got excited about how we could make national changes for the benefit of young people. These guys might be a bit football mad, but they encourage me to be better at my job and be creative in my thinking and just make days like today occasions where I leave refreshed. They have my back. Even when I wear yellow.

3. I got to catch up with three of my directors, who I love, but don’t get to see that regularly, and they just spoke such words of affirmation to me. They were excited to see me, to catch up and to hear stories. They were supportive of me. They told me they thought I was doing a great job and a lot of other lovely things that I don’t need to mention. And as I drank tea, and laughed, and listened, God began to restore and refresh the parts of me that had got a big dull this week without me even realising. I felt loved and valued and accepted. And I needed it.

I’ve started talking about my boss about my long term plans to move abroad, and the word has begun to filter out. And I always say to him that no one is irreplaceable. The project is strong, funding is good, and whenever God says go, I will leave it all behind and go. Things will be fine and left strong. But others are a little more upset about the prospect of me leaving. Today I heard this statement (or something similar) a number of times: ‘Peta, the role is replaceable, but the person is not. You are not replaceable to us.’ And you know, as much as I know it’s right to leave and I am assured of God’s calling, it is nice to know you are valued and loved.

Because we need to rest in God’s love and not man’s affirmation. But we were also made to be in relationship with others. To give and receive love. To have friends. To be friends. 

And today I was so thankful for the way God used others and their words to encourage and refresh me. Non Christians and Christians.

I have wonderful people in my life. Brilliant friends.

Me and Becca are now off to eat Nando’s and stay with other friends in Dundee, before hitting the OMF Scottish conference for the rest of the weekend. 

Please pray for a refreshing weekend of good time with God, friends and other people who love Asia. 

Thank You Jesus.

Oh, and these are my tights… Just so you can really appreciate the story! πŸ™‚



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