The Church’s future.

So, today we were inspired and challenged by Peter White’s continued teaching on Revelation 2 & 3.
This guy is seriously wise and inspirational, and just as great to chat to over coffee as to hear preaching an awesome sermon.
Today he highlighted the outcomes of our choices.
There are outcomes to the choices that Jesus is setting before us.
In regard to our thought life, our lip life, what our hands do and where our feet take us.
Through the seven letters of the churches, Jesus is writing to the whole history long global Church.
The futures Jesus describes are travelled to by our choices today.
There are consequences in this life, at judgement, and in the life to come.
To the churches under pressure, Jesus doesn’t offer rebuke, He brings support and hope.

In this life there are negative consequences…
2 v 5 They had fallen out of love with Jesus and it had become about nominal righteousness. When you are in love with Jesus you know that you only want to please Him, but it is the overflow of our loving response to His grace. 
We can have meetings without being lamp stands. 
We have to be in so completely in love with Jesus and allow that reality to overflow in living lives to please Him alone.
2 v 16 They tolerated teaching that was out of alignment with Biblical principles. 
2 v 22-23 Choosing another lover other than Jesus. This isn’t about one type of sin, it’s about the heart of our motives and ensuring that we are aligning ourselves with Scripture, with God’s truth.
And there are positive consequences…
3 v 3 Walking with Jesus in white. Walking closely with Jesus. A bold Christian confidence, because we know we are in sweet fellowship. 
You can tell a believer who is not captivated by Jesus and who is spiritually dead. 
They have a misery instead of the joy Holy Spirit gives us.
But there is no guilt or shame as He looks at us when we have fixed our hearts to be set before Him. Walking made right with God through Jesus.
Repenting of sin and running to Him.
3 v 10 Being spared from hopelessness. The Goshen principle where He keeps His people. 
Even in our weakness, we do not deny His name. 
We repent of our lukewarmness and our failure and our welcomed back into intimacy. 
We are kept to be overcomers.
At judgement there are warnings and blessings.
He promises to keep us for all our faults when we have chosen Him has Saviour and repented of where we lack.
I want Him to call me friend.
Because I have been submitted to His revealed will.
And most importantly, in the life to come there are so many promises outlined in these letters. 
When we choose the way of God over the way of sin.
The right to eat from the tree of life.
The crown of life. That we lay before Him.
Absolutely not hurt by the second death. We will be with Him forever and welcomed.
The hidden manner. Joy straight from God.
The white stone with a new name. The personal vote of acquittal from Jesus. Jesus will name us as He thinks of us.
Authority over the nations.
The Morning Star.
Dressed in white. Made holy and like Him.
Never removed from the book of life. 
A pillar in God’s temple. Reliable to the kingdom.
Knowing the name of Jesus.
Sitting on the throne with Jesus.
Oh Jesus, let me rest in the assurance, and fun, and joy, and fulfilment of knowing I am Yours. May I always war against the sin in me. You are beautiful.
Today was also made wonderful by a great Skype call/Bible study, and a wonderful girly shopping trip. I have eaten amazing cake and we have brought beautiful dresses. 
Now for a Chinese…. It is a good day!

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