The secret gardeners…

Today, on the final day of the long weekend, we travelled home via St Andrew and had a lovely lunch with my honoury red-haired pretend siblings.

So as we ate noodles and caught up on news and put the world to rights, it was a blessed time to round up our East Scotland tour.


And we returned home, it was to another surprise blessing… My other pretend family had tidied my garden for me. 

Now when I say tidied… I mean, a total overhaul of everything that could possibly be. 

The patio is clean. 

The grass is mowed. 

The trees and hedges are trimmed. 

There are NO weeds… Anywhere.

It must have taken them hours… And hours… And hours.

And that servanthood, is one of the kindest gestures they could have made.

I am so thankful.


It reminds me of John 13, when Jesus washed his disciples feet. 

We are told that, in his actions and by his example, ‘he showed them the full extent of his love’.

So Jesus’ abundant, all encompassing, all forgiving love, was displayed as he served his friends, and took a position of humility.

And he told them, and tells us, to do the same.

To show His love through our love to others.


And today, I received some of that love. 

I was the recipient of love that served, that mirrored Jesus, and that was displayed in more than words.


And I am so thankful.


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