It’s in the detail…

So I was talking with a friend the other day about the Word of God, and the way we want it to be the guiding and predominant influence in our lives.

That we want read the Word, meditate on the Word, sing the Word, remember the Word, stick-it-around-our-houses-and-paint-it-on-the-walls the Word.

Just love the Word.

Really love it.

Because in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1 v 1).

And Genesis through to Revelation is God’s heartbeat of grace and redemption and the eternal cord of perfect salvation.

And we need to know this Word, not just in our minds, but deeply rooted in our hearts and spirits where it can never be shaken and never be taken.

Because then it changes everything.

Because He changes everything.


And God made me creative.

With an attention for detail.

And I have learned that He loves it when I’m me and I’m creative.

So He made it that I would express my love of His Word in the way that He made me.

In the detail.

What a perfect, beautiful Father.


So I love to read the Word at the start of each day. 

Just to sit and read and think.

Verse by verse, chapter by chapter.

I love to meditate on it, and put myself in the story, and pray the words back to God. 

To imagine what it would have been like to be with Jesus. To imagine what it would have felt like to feel Him heal. To think through the stories of the Old Testament as if I was actually there.

I love to make notes in the margins of my Bible as Holy Spirit reveals His truth to me. 

To think through the connections, the application and colour-coded-highlighted points.

I love to sit at my piano, Bible open, and sing songs to God straight from the Scriptures and hear His voice sing them back.

I love to paint pictures about passages, and worship God on canvas.

I love to journal, and scrapbook, and write, and pray.


And as I was talking with my friend, we were thinking about when the Word moved us to tears because of the truth it contained about the God who created us, and saved us and forgave us and loved us and loves us still. 

And I was challenged. Again.

And I am praying that for always, God would give me a greater and deeper love and understanding of His Word.  




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