God is a Happy God :D

I really love Church.
Being away at the OMF conference last week was wonderful, but being back in my home Church this morning was WONDERFUL!!
Beautifully, overwhelmingly, wonderful.

And as the corporate worship in our Church overflowed this morning, and we danced before Him, around the building, looking-a-little-bit-foolish-in-our-flesh-yet-completely-beautiful-in-our-spirits, and as we sung our our praise to His Perfect Name, it was a sweet, precious, intimate time with Holy Spirit.

Some sang out.
Some gave words of prophecy.
Some brought a tongue.
One of those times that changes you and marks you and sets you apart.
Because there was freedom.
Real freedom.
In His grace.
In His love.
In His redemption.

And, as I sat in a row of my friends, the beautiful young woman on my left stood with her arms outstretched, tears flowing, in awe of God. And the wonderful young man on my right gave his life to Jesus for the first time, hands outstretched in thankful realisation of what Jesus had done for him.

And the ladies danced. And the men marched. And the corporate body proclaimed.

And I couldn’t help but feel so incredibly thankful to be a part of this Church family.

This family of dancing, marching, slightly crazy looking individuals.

Our humble, wise pastor, and the precious man leading worship whose overflowing freedom inspires me to sing loudly for my God, and the people I know intimately, and those I know a little more distantly, but all united in One God… And I was thankful.

And I couldn’t help but think that our God is a Happy God.
And yes, there are many, many facets to the everlasting-all-consuming-character of our perfect-mighty-God, but within all of that, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the understanding that our God is joyful, and that He really rejoices over us.

He is so, so, so Good.

And our Pastor continued to speak into this thick Presence of God.
A shortened sermon, because everything that could run over had run over.
Still considering Jehovah Rapha, healing every single section of our lives.
And our faith as believing that God is going to do it when He has planned.
Being real with God.
And knowing that when we pray we are tapping into the very resources of God.
We turn the tap on.
We tap into heaven’s resources.
Into the very power that raised Christ from the dead.
And we trust that the water will flow.
In God’s timing.
To His completion.

My chains are gone, I’ve been set free. My God my Saviour has ransomed me.



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