Proud to be free.

I was reading a blog last night that Hosanna Wong had written about freedom, and it really struck a chord with me. She was talking about honesty, and the importance of putting aside our perfect, flawless pretences, in order to be really and truly honest with each other.

This quote has stayed with me all day.

We live in a world of secrets. Instead of speaking to each other and knowing each other, we are whispering around each other. Are we trying to impress people? Do we want them to think we are not broken? Better than them? Above them looking down? We are so busy trying to be who we think the world wants to see, when who we really are, where we’ve really been, and what we’re really struggling with is what will actually bridge the gap and create true community. You’re perfect? You’re not relatable. Also, you’re fake. If we could all just tear down these walls we’ve built around us, we could be better than a world of secrets – we could be a world without strangers. We could know one another….

People don’t want to be alone. People don’t want to be impressed. People want to be free.

Wow. That hit me.Β 

Because it’s true. I know it was for me.

When life was really tough, I didn’t want people to tell me all the reasons they thought I was going through a difficult time in a condescending way, I didn’t want them to show off about their perfect lives, I didn’t want them to tell me to hold it together and to be strong.

I wanted them to be real. So that I could be real.

And we could all be free.

I’ve been reading the book of Job recently in my Old Testament devotionals, and this reality has hit me again.

Job lost everything.


He didn’t do anything to deserve it, and he sure didn’t understand it, but it happened nontheless. He lost his health, his children, his wealth and his home. Everything that could be taken and everything that could be shaken, was.

And in that place of brokenness he clung to God.

And never let go.


And his friends came and gave him round after round of speeches. Righteous sounding words that tried to figure things out, and ended up being unsupportive and unloving. Righteous sounding words that God rebuked as being unrighteous.

God rebuked them.

But Job was brought forth from the trial as gold, and restored to greater things.

He prayed for his friends, he saw his family restored, and he had a greater, deepened, personal relationship with the great God of the universe.

And the notes scralled in the margains of my Bible throughout the book of Job show some harrowing prayers, that were prayed in desperation. And they show some breakthrough moments of clinging to God in suffering. And they show some freedom reflections of the place God has brought me to.

But the journey has been real.

And true, meaningful, Church community, is made up of broken people, who are no longer defined by their brokeness, but by the wholeness that the healing of Jesus brings.

Complete wholeness.

But real wholeness.

Because we have been rescued.

And I am proud to be free.

My weakness. His strength.




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