A sunny day and a thankful heart.

Today, I have reason to be very thankful.


The project I managed secured a substantial 6 figure amount of money from a substantial funder for a 3 year period.

And I am again thankful to God.


The news actually took my breath away when I was informed first thing this morning.

I was speechless.

And that is something.

I had driven up to the far North of Scotland to work from our Caithness office for the day. The drive was stunning, the sun was shining, and I had a good few hours to just talk to Jesus and listen to worship music and pray through some of the issues that are on my heart in intercession just now.

I left at 7.30. I arrived at 10 to funding confirmation.

Now, hear me out.

This funding bid has been just over a year in the making. It involved 3 major partners, hours and hours of planning meetings and days worth of writing time. I have researched for this bid, run pilots of this project, and read articles, papers and analysis in the working through of the detail. I have cried in frustration, persevered in belief and today, rejoiced in the outcome.

But it’s been hard work.

Really hard.

And over every stage of this process I have prayed.

And prayed.

And prayed.

And trusted that whatever the outcome, it would be His will.

And today, as I danced around my office and rejoiced over the phone with some very excited colleagues, and praised God for His yet-again provision, I was thankful.


And reminded of the way that God provided for Joseph in Egypt.

That after years of trial and battling through in his life, Egypt was blessed through Joseph. Because of Joseph. Because of God’s grace and love and purpose shown to Joseph. And through Joseph.

And I thought that it’s a humbling testimony to know that as God’s people, we really can carry His favour and blessing with us and give glory to His name.

Thank You Jesus.




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