Are you satisfied?

Today the sermon in our church was looking at being hungry for more of God.

The preacher was asking, ‘Why isn’t church today like the church we saw in the New Testament?’
That’s a challenging question.

And I want the river of the living God to be flowing through my life and through the church and into the community.
Not a drip, drip, drip, but a mighty roar of Holy water.
Imagine what it would be like.

How do we move on from the drip, drip, drip to having the living river flowing through our lives?
How do we have godliness with power?

We’re not seeing salvation and healing and restoration and even dead raising in a daily basis.
But I so want to.

Think of a tap flowing, one that gradually over time has a flow that is getting slower and slower and slower. Down to a trickle, even when it is on full power. There is a blockage preventing the water from flowing. And when this is cleaned out, the flow is restored.

Is there a blockage in our lives individually and in our lives as a church?

We looked at three blockages;

1. Disobedience
1 Thessalonians 2 v 13
Welcome the Word of God in Truth. The church here took the Word of God as being the Word of God and just obeyed it.
We cannot dilute and bend the Word of God to suit our own circumstance.
There is no middle ground.
We are either obeying or not.
We can compromise the Word of God instead of standing on it regardless.
We can cage up the Word of God and put restraints on it, but it needs to be applied to our lives and our situations.
The Word of God is powerful.
Are we living epistles for the world to see?
It’s not always easy to obey the Word of God. But if we truly want to see the Lord move in power then we need to take up our cross daily as a constant decision.
There is a greater victory to be had when we surrender to the will of the Father.
James 1 v 22 – 25
Be doers of the Word and not just hearers. Then we will be blessed in all we do.

2. Unforgiveness
Matthew 6 v 14 – 15
If you forgive others, your Heavenly Father will forgive you.
A great trap of satan, is to cage us in unforgiveness and bitterness and to keep us focused on our own pain.
We have the power to let go of bitterness and anger.
And in choosing to hold onto our pain we are saying that our pain is more important than that of Jesus.
So we must let go.

3. Unbelief
It’s sometimes not that we don’t believe in God, it’s that we believe that God can’t work through us.
The hope of glory dwells within us.
But we don’t allow God to demonstrate His power through us.
Matthew 25 v 23
‘Well done good and faithful servant, you have been faithful…’
Jesus says that when we’re faithful in the small things, He will entrust us with the bigger things.
Like David the shepherd boy who was faithful. He chose to obey his Dad in staying with the sheep, but God chose him and anointed him regardless of appearances. He led God’s people.
Like Anna in Luke chapter 2. She was an 84 year old widow, and she had dedicated her life to serving in the temple. But she was chosen to see and hold and bless the Messiah.

God has new things for us and great things for us.
But we need to get rid of the blockages in our lives and move into what God has for us.


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