Life’s soundtrack.

I don’t know if this is true for all musicians, or all people actually, but I could quite easily categorise my life through a carefully selected soundtrack of well-played, well-favourited songs.

Songs that take me back to times past. Good, bad, breakthrough, healing, my-whole-life-long-times.

Songs that remind me of meeting God for the first time as child. Songs that I used to worship to as I tentatively learnt how to play the guitar. Songs I prayed to as I developed a daily devotional life. Songs that I sang as my lament. Songs that I sang in my healing. Songs that I laughed to. Songs that I danced to. 




Let me give you some examples.

Meeting with Holy Spirit aged 8: It is the Cry of my Heart by Vineyard

Seeing breakthrough in understanding God loved me aged 15: Lion of Judah by Jason Upton

Seeing lots of young people become Christians in High Wycombe aged 18: Jesus, You are my Best Friend by Hillsong United

A great season of wonderful worship events in Weston aged 20: All I Need is You by Marty Sampson

Needing breakthrough aged 25: With a Mighty Hand by Jon Thurlow

Just a little selection from a seemingly unending list of thousands of songs. A list that continually gets longer each and every day.

These things are important to me. They make me, me. They make up the way God wired me to meet with Him, to praise Him and to express myself before Him.

So discovering new songs, exploring new music that glorifies God, putting down life’s new soundtracks…

These things are central to who I am.

So yesterday, I brought a little bit more new music.

Some Bryan Mcleary. Some Zac Dinsmore. A bit of old school Ginny Owens that I needed to get on iTunes.

And a newly recorded worship leader, called Mary Kat Ehrenzeller.

And my soundtrack for today?

Her song.

Mighty Fortress.

It sings a bit like a driving psalm.


Like a mighty fortress, He is our God

Like a mighty fortress, He is our God

When enemies surround us, rising like a flood

They break into pieces, swallowed in dust.

He rejoices, He rejoices over us

Like a mighty warrior, He is our God

Like a mighty warrior, He is our God

His voice is like a thunder rolling through the land

He’s the Lion of Judah, breaking off the fear of man

Upon the rock of revelation, we’re dancing now

No enemy could ever shake us, we’re dancing now


I am blessed by the many beautiful song writers that God has given to the body of His people.

And I love that our worship touches His heart.



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