The God who makes us fit for purpose…

I do love my church.
I was thinking this morning how much I will miss being here and amongst this group of people in just a few weeks.
But that’s another blog post.

Today is another Old Testament name for God.
And another challenge.
Exodus 31.
A chapter in two halves. At first reading they appear to be different but you find there is a connection.
The first half is about two men who were chosen and called by God to do a specific task.
The second half is about keeping the Sabbath day holy.
And verse 13.
Jehovah Mekoddishkem.
The Lord who makes you holy.
Contextually, this is talking about items being set apart.
Set apart.
For God’s service.
For a particular purpose.
He is the God who makes us fit for purpose.

We belong to God and He has set us apart for a particular purpose.
Like the men in the first part of chapter 31. They belonged to God, and He had set them apart and skilled them to be useful in the particular path that He has called them to.
That doesn’t mean that they didn’t do anything else, but it meant that their overriding purpose was to do what He had set them apart to do.
God has given us ability and equipped us to a calling.
His calling.

If I want to be used by God, I need to be a family member.
Verse 2 and verse 6.
Bezalel and Oholiab.
We are told they are in the family of God. Descendants of Abraham.
Being a family member is vital.
Because it means that God is my Father and I come under His covering, His protection and His provision.
If I am a family member then all that God has is available to me.
Because I am a child of God.
If I am a child then I enter God’s eternal house through the door. I am bold. I enter in through Jesus. He is the door, and I can go in through Him.
Heaven is my family home.
And I belong to Jesus.

If I want to be holy and set apart for God, I need to be filled with the Spirit.
Verse 3.
Bezalel was filled with the Spirit of God.
It takes God to love God. I need Him to help me, keep me, move me and equip me.
To walk in the purposes God calls me to, I need to be equipped by Holy Spirit to do the job.
This is how we will not burn out. How we will be effective.
Because it is His calling.
His anointing.
I need that anointing today.
To be under the anointing like Jesus was under the anointing.
To do good works.

If I want to be used by God I need to be faithful to the Word.
Verse 14.
Observe the Sabbath.
To enter into the principle of what God is outlining in His Word.
This is an example about obedience.
God was saying that His people should be faithful to the whole of His Word and all that it contains. The bits that we like and the bits we don’t. The bits that we understand and the bits we don’t.
And be faithful to the calling and words that He has spoken to us in our own experience.
To keep going when there is no fruit and it is hard.
Be faithful to the word and calling that He has given to us.
To trust Him.

God always works by the Word and the Spirit.
Praise God that He is Jehovah Mekoddishkem: the One who brings us into His family, anoints us with His Spirit and keeps us faithful to His heart.
Oh Lord, keep me faithful always.





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