Life is like a tightrope…

When I was on a prayer walk yesterday God gave me picture.

A picture of a tightrope.

And it was a comforting image that I admit that I didn’t really think that much of at the time.

I just kept on praying.

And talking to God.

But today a friend of mine had some life changing tragic news that shocked and shook those of us who knew her.

And the picture came back into my mind as I prayed for her and this situation.

In my picture I was walking a tightrope.

And I didn’t appear to be that good at balance.

The rope was blowing in the wind, I was shaking and swaying all over the place and only just keeping my feet on the rope at all.

I didn’t appear to be getting very far, very fast and I was a bit anxious about the whole scenario.

I knew that this tightrope represented my life and the way I could live it shaken by a lack of faith.

But then the picture panned out.

And I could see two things.

Firstly, a man, who I knew was God, stood behind me, holding my hands from behind and keeping me balanced.

He seemed to be an expert at tightrope walking and was perfectly still and steady.

His hands holding mine and his steady steps began to mean I could walk mor quickly and with confidence.

We took step, after step, after step, and I knew I could trust Him.



Secondly, underneath the tightrope, was a net, that I knew represented God’s everlasting arms.

So that even if I ever lost my grip, I would still be caught.

And the verse that rested in my spirit as that picture came to my mind was from Ruth 2, where Boaz says to Ruth, ‘May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.’

And so as I was praying for my friend today, I prayed this verse over her. That she would find refuge under the wings of the True, Unfailing, Perfectly-Balanced, God, who offers us protection and shelter in life’s storms.

And my prayer was that my faith my be strengthened, as I walk these next steps holding His hands.



One thought on “Life is like a tightrope…

  1. Reblogged this on imac18blog and commented:
    Wow. Your very devoted to god. I wish I had that kind of devotion. i’m trying to go deeper in my relationship with him and Jesus. Not as easy as I thought.

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