Indecision begets indifference.

It’s finally Friday.

And boy, am I ready for the weekend.

Today, I drove to Edinburgh and back for work. I had a meeting, to plan a meeting.

I kid you not.

Today was a pre-emptive meeting, in order to formulate the agenda for a larger, more important meeting that will take place in two weeks’ time.

Sounds exciting, right?

Needless to say, I am tired.

And glad to be home.

But as always on a day where I have seven hours in the car, I have had some good time to pray and think and hear from God.

And be challenged.

And the subject of my musings today has been this word ‘indifference’, and one of the things that causes it.

Namely, indecision.

Let me explain.

Indifference means a lack of interest or concern. It means that something can lack quality, condition, or importance. It often means that we withdraw.

And I was thinking today, that indifference is sin.

I mean, we shouldn’t really be indifferent to anything.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re all guilty of it at times. I know I am. But it’s still sin.

When we’re indifferent to sin, we don’t war against it rightly, when we’re indifferent to others, it robs us of real friendship and intimacy, and when we’re indifferent to God, we’re in real trouble.

It stops me from carrying the burdens that God gives, it affects my relationships with others, and it means that areas of my life that God intends to be rich instead lack the quality they should have.

So I was thinking about the cause. Because indifference just doesn’t appear in our lives or our relationships without cause. Nothing does.

And as I drove through the Cairngorms today, heart a little heavy, but pressing through to praise, the word that dropped into my spirit was ‘indecision’.

My indecision causes me to be indifferent.

Because if indifference is shallowness and I long to the opposite of rich depth, it takes commitment and choice.



I was thinking about Jesus, who was never indifferent to His Father, or to the pain of others, or to the war against sin. And He was always decided. Determined. Committed.

Commanding us to love with all our heart, mind, soul and strength because He loves us with all of His heart, mind, soul and strength.

Deciding to become flesh, resolving to persevere and doing it all for the sake of love.


Ok, this sounds random at the end of a tough week, so let me try and link it in.

We can’t be indifferent to the pain of those around us and experience the depth of love that Jesus talks about in the Bible. He said that love was to lay down our lives for our friends, to take the role of a servant, to display the full extent of love in our sacrifice.

But some people have asked me this week, ‘why do you care so much?’, ‘what’s the point?’, ‘why would you want to go the extra mile for someone?’, ‘maybe if you didn’t care so much, you wouldn’t hurt so much’.

But I think that misses the point. Jesus cared so much, and saw the point, and went the extra mile for us, and took the full pain of my sin and rebellion on Himself.  And in His strength, we can offer that same love to others.

In His strength.

And in the thankfulness of that sacrifice, I pray that He will give me a heart that decides to follow Him, no turning back, no hesitation, no indifference.

And now, I really should study some Japanese or clean the house… But truthfully, all I can really face is sleep. So, a nap it is! 🙂



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