The healing qualities of a Dores breakfast.

Today, after an incredibly busy week, I woke up to spend some beautiful, unhurried, quality hours with God.

Which was the most perfect way to start my morning.

And so incredibly needed.

After my normal morning time in the Word, I sat down with my guitar, crazy-prayer hair still in place, pyjamas still on, and just sang some simply worded praise songs to Jesus.

Lyrics made up from randomly remembered worship songs and merged together, like,

You have the sweetest love, Jesus.

All I really want is just to find You, all I really want is just to stay here when I do.

When the love of God comes and sets my heart aflame, my heart will forever burn.

I don’t want to talk about any other lovers, You’re the only One and there can be no other for me now.

I’m Yours, to take or break just make me, sensitive to You.

And as I sang, it was literally like feeling the fresh water of Holy Spirit pour over my heart. Like water in the desert place, trickling over hardened ground, running into cracked earth, and bringing the refreshing rain.

Because I really believe that praise re-fixes our eyes on Jesus, and lifts His name higher than our circumstances.

Praise breaks the yoke, and brings breakthrough for our perspective. Like Psalm 121 says, ‘I lift my eyes up to the mountains, where does my help come from? My help comes from You, maker of heaven, Creator of the earth’.

And praise lifts our eyes.

To see Jesus.

The King we need. The King we want. The King we trust.

And lifting up the Name of Jesus builds our faith, and our weak songs or our little words move His heart of abundant, burning love, to just pour out Holy Spirit and refresh us in a greater measure.

Which is humbling and beautiful and wonderful all at the same time.

My morning continued to be beautifully refreshing by going for a Dores breakfast with my favourite girls.

And a Dores breakfast has many healing qualities.

1. The beauty of Dores can’t help but remind you of a mighty Creator God who is fully in charge and in control of all things.

2. You always have to go for a Dores breakfast with your best friends. It means that the fellowship, and laughter, and quality banter just makes the whole experience one of Saturday-making refreshing. Seriously, I only have a few weekends now before I leave for my Japanese summer adventures, but Dores-breakfast-times might well be up there with things I will miss the most.

3. French toast and bacon AND maple syrup (my staple Dores breakfast trappings) could possibly be some of the greatest physical sustinence that God ever intended to be put together. And practically, after a week of travelling and supporting and eating on the run, a good, hearty meal is completely neccessary. And delicious.

So Saturday is rest day. And rest day is good.

Very good. Image



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