The Lord our righteousness…

Church this morning was wonderful. Holy Spirit was tangibly present in every part of the corporate service.
And the sermon fixed our eyes on Jesus.
What a great place to finish with.
Our gaze.

We started with our own unrighteousness.
Because everyone always thinks that their opinions are right.
We think we’re right about everything.
But it’s not up to you and I to judge what is right, it’s up to the God of Heaven.
He sees hearts.
He sees thoughts.
It’s not how we see one another, it’s how God sees us.
There is none righteous.
No, not one.
None of us have got it right.

But this morning we thought of the One person who lived a righteous life.
Jesus Christ, the Righteous One.
No grey areas, His whole life absolutely righteous.
He is unquestionable.
And His righteousness applies to our lives today.
Because although in my flesh I appear unrighteous in the sight of God, through Jesus, I stand before Him white as snow.
This righteousness of Jesus is available for everyone.

Everyone knew Jesus lived a righteous life. Not everyone liked it, but they still had to acknowledge it.
The disciples, the teachers of the law, the people.
People tried to catch Him out.
But His wisdom surpassed all human understanding.
He was a righteous man.
False witnesses had to speak against Him because He was without fault or blemish.
He has been holy forever and forever will be.
He is Holy.
He is Righteous.
In the sight of heaven, in the sight of the world, in the sight of the powers of darkness.
Jesus rose from the gave because He was righteous. Victorious.

If you could get a spotlight and shine it into my mind, it would be murky.
Yours would be too.
But if you shone that same spotlight into the mind of Jesus it would be crystal clear.
Not one dark patch in His thinking.

If you could put all of the words I’ve ever spoken onto a screen, it would be a murky bunch of phrases.
But you won’t find one wrong word in Jesus. Not one thing out of place.
I have made some wrong judgements. Many wrong judgements.
But every judgement that Jesus makes is perfect. Because He sees the whole picture.
He is perfect in every way.

What a Saviour!

When He makes the declaration, ‘It is finished’ on the cross, He was also referring to His righteous, perfect Truth, life.

But what relevance does this have to us? Because we need to grasp this fully for it to change our lives.
Because it changes everything.
Some of us are living under the guilt of the past, but the righteousness of Jesus affects us today.
He frees us today.

In Jeremiah, God is speaking against the ruthless shepherds of His people. Those who have been sinful and without compassion. And then He brings the word of the hope of Jesus. The real Shepherd.
And He calls Jesus, ‘The Lord our righteousness’.
Our righteousness.
Do you really believe that?

Because it’s like we were wearing a thick black coat of sin and wrongdoing, with a sign on our back which labeled us destined for hell.
Until we met Jesus at the cross.
At the cross.
And Jesus meets us, and takes that black coat of us, and takes it on Himself.
We bear it no more.
Think about it.
We bear it no more.
Our sin and guilt and shame is nailed to the cross, gone forever and wiped clean by the sacrifice of a perfect Saviour.
But the story doesn’t end there.
Because Jesus clothes us in His very own righteousness.
He clothes us in a robe of pure white.
His own perfection becomes mine.
What’s His is mine and what’s mine is His.

The guilt has gone.
New garments are ours.
Dressed in the righteousness of Jesus.
The Lord our righteousness.




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