Looking ridiculous.

On Saturday me and some of the girls decided to undertake the ‘100’ workout in order to trigger some kind of summer fitness blitz.

What a way to kill an hour on a Saturday.

The 100 workout.



Is brutal.

And looks ridiculous.

The premise is that you start off doing 100 exercises, then 90, then 80 etc etc… Down to a final 10 minute run.

Like, 100 star jumps, 90 crunches, 80 squats…. And so on.

Did I say you look ridiculous too?

Becca, in her great wisdom, decided not to join us in this undertaking.

She instead took photos.

Of us looking ridiculous.


Check it out.


Us looking ridiculous.

For the sake of looking good.

And we had a good chuckle at these photos.

And it got me thinking about how often I get embarrassed.

Humanly embarrassed.

Because sometimes in corporate worship, I really want to dance, but I’m too fazed by the gaze of others.

And sometimes with my friends, I really want to be bold in sharing my faith, but I’m too concerned with what I’ll look like.

And sometimes as I’m walking through a busy town centre, I really know God prompting me to take a step of faith and pray for someone, but I second guess myself because I’m worried about looking ridiculous.

But the thing is, if for the sake of my physical body, I will look completely and utterly undignified.

And enjoy it.

Then how much more should I be willing to put aside worry and appearances and humiliation, for the sake of the beautiful God who has done everything for me.

A simple thought.

But a challenging one.

As King David said, ‘I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes.’



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