Rock of Ages.

Today I attended the funeral service of a friend’s mother.

It was a sudden tragedy that is not the purpose of today’s blog post.

Although my friend was particularly brave as she spoke.

But one old hymn that was sung stood out for me.

It amongst everything.

Because the people attending this funeral had a range of beliefs and viewpoints.

A broad spectrum.

But this old hymn, snuck gently into the service, reminded me of the Truth.

Of Jesus.

The Way, the Truth, and the Life.


Rock of Ages, cleft for me,

Let me hide myself in Thee,

Let the water and the blood

From Thy wounded side which flowed,

Be of sin the double cure

Save from wrath and make me pure.


Not the labours of my hands,

Can fulfil Thy law’s commands,

Could my zeal no respite know,

Could my tears forever flow,

All for sin could not atone,

Thou must save and Thou alone.


Nothing in my hand I bring,

Simply to Thy cross I cling,

Naked, come to Thee for dress,

Helpless, look to Thee for grace,

Foul, I too Thy fountain fly,

Wash me, Saviour, or I die.


When I draw my fleeting breath,

When mine eyes shall close in death,

When I soar to worlds unknown,

See Thee on Thy judgement throne,

Rock of ages, cleft for me,

Let me hide myself in Thee.


What beautiful truth.

He is our Rock of Ages, unfailing, our Mighty Strong Tower, the One of we run to for safety.

Jesus, keep me hidden me You.

I just want to see Your face.

Hide me in the cleft of a rock.






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