And we will overcome…

To overcome.

To triumph.

To win.

To be victorious.

These are bold statements.

Bold statements that I sometimes feel like a little-bit-of-a-liar to declare if I’m completely honest.

A little bit.

Because I know that Jesus calls me an overcomer.

He does.

But some days I don’t feel like one.

And I am certain that I have the victory because of His completed work on the cross.

I really am.

But there are just some days, where I don’t seem to really recognise it.

Not really.

And I believe without any doubt that He is the victorious, reigning King of Kings.

But still some days, I don’t live like it.

Not as He wants me to.

But today, as the warm Highland summer sun warmed by body, this verse warmed by heart.

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.

Because this week, I have had some incredible moments to share testimony. To share about the power of the forgiveness, and restoration and new life that Jesus brings and has brought to me. To tell of how I was given new hope and a future and a wholeness that I didn’t deserve. To speak of His mercy.

And in that testimony, my testimony, about how Jesus has changed me, and won me, and redeemed me, and rescued me, that verse says that I am an overcomer, a victor, and one who is triumphant.

Now, it’s not really me.

I have a testimony.

But it’s a testimony about Jesus.

It’s a testimony about His power.

It’s a testimony about Holy Spirit healing my heart.

It’s a testimony about Abba Father restoring my brokeness.

It’s a testimony about Him.

But it’s incredible how God uses our testimonies. To encourage others. To bring freedom to others. To show that He is real to others. To speak. To move.

It’s the most beautiful thing to me, to talk to someone about the reality of God and almost watch Holy Spirit move in their hearts to the point where the penny starts to drop.

You can see it in someone’s eyes. What’s going on in their heart.

When a non-Christian starts to see the realness of Jesus for the first time.

When a broken girl starts to see that her Heavenly Father really does see her as beautiful.

When a young man starts to see that God has a plan for Him than no one can snatch.

So. Beautiful.


Testimonies. Stories. Beauty in ashes and from ashes and to glorious redemption.

Romans 1 v 16 boldly declares, ‘I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes…’

Not ashamed.

I am not ashamed.

Because I was lost, but Jesus found me. And I was broken, but Jesus fixed me. And I was dead, but He raised me back to life and gave me a future.

So I am not ashamed.

Because in Him I overcome.

We overcome.



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