Unhurried time is just the most wonderful thing.

As I sit to write this blog, it’s just after 4pm on the most beautiful afternoon we have had yet this summer in bonny Scotland.

I have just walked (yes, actually walked!) to the cute wee coffee shop that provides me with perfectly made London Fog, home made strawberry cake and the ideal free-wi-fi-space to sit and continue my Japanese studies for the next couple of hours. I say continue because my day has been productive. I began with some good time in the word, ate a wonderful and yet a little extravagant breakfast with my pretend-Inverness-family, walked my dog up the stunning-picture-perfect-viewpoint of the city, played Skype-catch-up across the globe and then studied some Japanese. 

Which means that walking to town to the sound track of great worship and sitting down to study some more is the perfect continuation of an already productive/relaxing/refreshing summer day spent with my best friends and a great God.

Especially with a great God.

Unhurried time is just the most wonderful thing.


Today begins the 3 week countdown to me leaving Scotland for the summer, and the summer marks the beginning of what is looking to be a very new season.

I imagine I will be able to keep you posted on more of that as these next weeks unfold, but the beautiful provision of our unfailing and unchanging God just humbles me.

Again and again.

It’s exciting, it’s busy and it’s full.

And so, for today, unhurried time is just the most wonderful thing.

I’m away for most of the next week at a combination of conference planning meetings, university lecturing and catch ups with old friends, and I’m very, very aware that when I return from England, there will be less than two weeks left in which to pack up an entire house, move to a new one, sort out the practicalities of paying things like gas and electric metres, round up the loose ends at work, and then get ready to hop on a train and begin my summer travels.

So for today, I am grateful for quality time with God.

Unhurried time is just the most wonderful thing.

Because unhurried time means that I really wind down in my spirit.

That I calm down my soul.

That I am still before Him.

That I can truly focus the eyes of my heart and rest in the fact that He is God.


And rest.


And rest.




By next weekend I should be able to send a full intinerary of my summer travels to prayer partners. I won’t be putting the full details on this blog, because the readership is pretty wide, but if you haven’t already let me know you want to join the most valuable group of friends and mentors that I call a prayer team, please just let me know and I’ll add your email to the list. What I will put on here is a rough overview, and map some of my travels as I go.

And I’ll give testimony to what God is doing.

At every step.

I’m excited.

I’m excited about what God is unfolding for the next few months.

But I’m also excited about what that means for the long term. Or as it might be panning out, the not-so-long-term.

It is a precious reality to be held in the palm of the hands of the mighty Creator God who holds all things together and knows the end of the story.

And today, as I rest, and spend time in that unhurried place, I am again overwhelmed by the reality that I don’t need to worry, I just need to trust, and rest, and be.

Because the practicalities will come together.

And the preparations will be completed.

And what needs to be finished will be.

And through it all, He will still be Father and friend and guide and the One I love with all I am.

What a beautiful meditation.

Unhurried time is just the most wonderful thing.





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