10 steps to prepare for a busy week.

So this week is looking busy. Really busy.

Today I was in the office. Tomorrow I am in Glasgow at conference planning meetings. Wednesday to Friday I am in the Peak District lecturing at a university residential. Friday night I am catching up with some old college friends. By Saturday morning I will be back in the Highlands in severe and ready need of a sleep.

But driving those kinds of distances gives me good time to talk to God, listen to great worship or spoken word, and learn some good Japanese vocabulary.

Seriously good time.

And staying in a conference centre at least means that I don’t have to cook for myself.

Which is always a bonus.

So, despite the seeming fullness of the week, I am very much looking forward to all that it will entail, the people I will get to spend time with and the challenges of working in some new environments.

However, as I am leading worship at a women’s meeting tonight and leaving at 6am tomorrow, todays blog post will be less lengthy and more bullet pointed.

In order to make the most of my time this week, I have taken some steps to prepare practically, to prepare in my mind and to prepare in my spirit. So, in no particular order, I thought you might appreciate these. 🙂

1. Create a playlist of great worship, teaching and audio that really focusses your mind on God when leaving at a ridiculously early time. I love prayer drives.

2. Book a fuel effecient hire car so that the petrol guzzling Rav4 does not need to travel 100s of miles. I don’t know my cars very well, or other than colour usually, but I do know that the new Golf sitting on my drive should do the job.

3. Buy Hosanna Wong’s gloriously written new spoken word album, ‘Maps, Boots and Other Ways We Get There’. Beautiful. Challenging. Inspiring.

4. Take sunglasses. As it might actually be sunny in the UK this week. I hope.

5. Write a prayer list in advance of the drive to focus my mind on the things that God has put on my heart and the things that He wants me to use my time to pray for this week.

6. Prepare and organise for a multitude of different meetings and appointments and actually remember to take all the necessary paperwork in the right bag. I have come unstuck on this point before!!

7. Ensure that at least 8 hours of Japanese podcasts are loaded onto my trusty iPad.

8. Take a jacket. Because I don’t trust UK summers.

9. Remember to put my ‘out of office’ on the work laptop. Just because… otherwise people think you’re really rude if you don’t reply.

10. Realise that everything that needs to get done will get done and that God has called and equipped and prepared for every opportunity. This really helps to not get stressed about any of the detail!!

Sounds busy. But sounds like fun.

P.s. I am not totally sure what the wifi connection will be like this week, but I will blog when I can 🙂

P.p.s. Go to Hosanna Wong’s website and and download her new album -> hosannapoetry.com



2 thoughts on “10 steps to prepare for a busy week.

  1. So I am reading this and listening to Andrew Peterson’s song “Hosanna” from his album Resurrection Letters and you mention an artist I haven’t heard of yet…named Hosanna! How cool is that? Praying safety for your journeys from here in Florida. Take care.

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