Nothing wasted.

I landed safely in Derbyshire last night to begin a pretty full rest-of-the-week tutoring a residential for some distance learning students.

These residentials are always fun. But this one, for students part way through their degree, is my favourite. Mainly because it’s pretty fun and creative and involves a lot of things that get those participating talking, laughing and learning in equal measure.

But that is not the topic of this blog post. I may reflect more on that tomorrow.

Today’s blog post is on my musings on another of my favourite topics, namely, food.

We use a wonderful conference centre that-shall-remain-nameless for these residentials.

And it’s food is something that has to be experienced to truly be believed.


Not because it’s food that is spectacularly good or even spectacularly bad (all the time), but it is spectacular. And nothing is wasted. Ever.

Far too much food is produced for every meal. For instance, to feed 4 of us eating lunch today we had, I must list for full effect: 

4 pieces of salmon.

3 chicken breasts.

1 large pan of lasagne.

10 half baguette rolls.

1 bowl of salad.

1 tray of couscous.

1 tray of cold sweet-chilli-noodles.

1 dish of incredibly dense apple pudding type desert.

1 jug of custard.

For 4 people.


Tonight got even weirder.

I had fish pie. The main ingredients were potato, fish, and egg.

Yes, I mean egg.

Big bits of boiled egg that you think might be cod until you bite into them and realise that they’re not fish but…


But before you all think ‘what a waste?!??’, don’t worry.

Because here, nothing is wasted.

It becomes a bit of a residential game to try and guess the form in which your left over meal from the night before will appear in the following day.

Chicken breasts from lunch become chicken casserole for dinner.

Toast from breakfast becomes tomorrow’s bread and butter pudding staple.

The hot noodles from last night are served bizarrely cold today.

Lasagne gets remixed to make beef cobbler.

Because nothing is wasted. 

Literally nothing.

And it’s probably one of the most surreal eating experiences you can have.

But quite admirable, in some strange not-so-fussed-about-the-taste way.

Because there is no waste.

And that got me thinking about life, like it does.

And about how glad I am that with God, nothing is wasted.

Every experience, every word, every breath, nothing is wasted.

He pulls is together, and redeems the past and heals the future, and he makes it into something that isn’t just edible, but is beautiful.

I was talking to someone who knows me really well today about an incredibly fun and exciting event we’re involved in this summer. And they reminded me of the journey God has brought me on these last two years. From a place of hopelessness to beautiful restoration, healing and abundant hope.

And I thought, and I remembered and I was thankful.

That in Him, nothing is wasted.

But instead, what was meant for our destruction, becomes a testimony of the power of His grace.

God’s grace.

And in that grace, nothing is wasted.

And now, please pray I don’t get food poisoning from my fish/egg/surprise pie! 😉


2 thoughts on “Nothing wasted.

  1. Hahahaha…I know where you are!!! And that is so true!!! HILARIOUS observation that could only be made by a total foodie. I had orange crumble there once! It’s brilliant! Enjoy…ma-hoooosive portions! 🙂 x

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