Lecturing, learning & laughter…

Today has been full.

Very full.

Lecturing, learning and laughing.

We’ve covered Belbin’s team roles, facilitated some crazy-competitive-team-challenges (think everything from art to opera to acting), looked at prejudice and ‘the single story’ and finished up at the Johari window.


I really do enjoy this residential.

And I’ve also been thinking back to when I was first looking at some of these theories for the first time.

Take the Johari window.

I remember thinking about myself, becoming more self aware, and learning about why I reacted the ways I did.

I remember clearly.

And this is challenging the first time you think about it.

And, as a Christian, I remember processing some of this stuff with God.

Because the Johari window is about how we keep the ‘open’ part of ourselves predominant, taking feedback and learning from others and sharing the parts of us that no one knows about. And then exploring this ‘unknown’ section of who we are in a journey of discovery.

But I think that’s really relevant to faith.

Because when I think about how I am in my relationship with God (as well as my relationship with others), I want to be a wide open book with Him.

I want to learn from His feedback through the Word and through His voice guiding and speaking to me each moment of each day.

I want to be real with Him about my failings and keep nothing hidden, because that’s the place where He can forgive and change and mould me in His likeness.

I want to walk with Holy Spirit on a journey of discovery, knowing that He equips me for every calling.

And these desires to grow in relationship with God, are comparable to my desires to grow in real relationship with others.

I value communication. Quality, frequent communication. Honest communication. The Johari window would say that this is an essential part. It keeps us open to each other and in relationship. But it’s the same with God. Talking to Him all the time, giving space to read the Word, think on the Word and worship Him richly, listening to His voice. This keeps the relationship open. Growing. Becoming deeper. It means abiding.

It’s a picture of our earthly friendships. 

If I fail to invest in this open connection, then the relationship withers. Just like a human relationship.

It’s a constant, daily challenge.

But one that is full of the richest rewards.

Because an open connection with the beautiful creator God has only the richest rewards.


P.s. Just for fun, here is one of the team’s efforts of designing their perfect leader. Brilliant 🙂



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