When you don’t know where you’re going.

I had a hilarious moment last night.

Me and my three colleagues, professional, organised tutors that we are, got lost.



Now let me put this into perspective. We had got out of the conference centre we have been using for this residential and walked down to the local pub for an evening of chat, pool and for me at least, pure orange juice. 

The local pub.

The one that is about 4 minutes from the centre. If that.

Fast forward to just before 11pm, we felt that we really should be getting back, and began the not-incredibly-long meander to return down the main road. However, just before the entrance to the conference centre drive, one of my colleagues said the fateful words, ‘That looks like a short-cut. Lets cut up there and see where it goes.’

Hmmm. Famous last words.


10 to 15 minutes later we stood half way up a muddy track with no end in sight. The lights of the conference centre glimmered in the far distance, now about 1/2 a mile further away than when we started out, and the seemingly only way back was either returning the way we had just come or climbing through a rather dubious looking cow field.

I’m afraid at that point I wasn’t up for jumping over cow pats to get back to my bedroom so went for the far safer option of the route a-little-more-travelled.

Who knows where the actual track would have come out if we’d have kept going!  

Detour over, I am pleased to say that we did manage to at least find our way back.

In the end.

But my thought for the day is this: what do you do in times where you don’t know where you’re going?

Now, I’m directionally challenged so this does happen to me quite a lot, although normally that’s in a car rather than walking up a pitch black dirt track on a starry night.

But it’s a good question.

Do you panic? Cry? Laugh? Get stressed? Think of an alternative route? Phone a friend? All of the above?

Because I must admit, I’ve changed in this area.

I used to need to know where I was going and how I would get there. In all regards. I liked a plan. I liked to understand. I liked to be in control.

And don’t get me wrong, like most people, I still appreciate those things. I like to get a vision for where I am heading.

But I’ve also become less preoccupied with knowing everything.

More comfortable laughing at the moments of sheer lost-ness.

And more trusting of a God who promises to never leave me or forsake me.

Because sometimes He maps it out for me, and sometimes He calls me and tells me to trust Him like a child.

And sometimes He has a lesson to teach me when I’m staring up at the night sky wondering whether to risk climbing through the local farmers field or keep going into the unknowns. Metaphorically speaking.

And I was thinking of when God guided Israel through the desert all those years ago. With a cloud by day and a fire by night. Because they knew their destination was the promised land. But they weren’t entirely sure on how they were going to get there. But He led them. And as long as they followed, they were never lost. Even in the desert. Even when they felt like it.

And that thought was a huge encouragement.

In the words of that wonderful Rachel Culver song, ‘So from now, I’ll keep trusting, I’ll keep holding onto You. So from now, I’ll believe that where You’re leading me is good.’

P.s. I’m writing this blog using my new found ability to tether my iPad to the 3G on my iPhone. Thank you Jeff. I give you full technological credit for this advancement in my skill-set!! 🙂


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