We have a good, good Father…

It’s Father’s Day today.
And our church remembered this fact with its normal gusto.
One of our elders spoke this morning. And I personally love it when this guy preaches. (You can listen at icfchurch.co.uk!)
Because there’s a humility but yet such a genuine joy and wisdom that just overflows from his words.
And that’s a wonderful thing to hear.

Anyway, it’s Father’s Day.

And we were reminded that we send Father’s Day cards that are personal and appropriate to our Fathers.
But I have a Heavenly Father.
We have a Heavenly Father.
And we have different ways of expressing our gratitude to Heavenly Father.
We sing songs.
We write poetry.
We are reminded of who He is.
We use tools to focus our minds and our hearts on our Father who is Awesome and Mighty and Holy.

Like Exodus 15.
Where Moses sings a song that glorifies God for who He is and what He has done.
There is so much here.
So much.

I will sing to the Lord for He is highly exalted.
He is my strength and my song, He has become my salvation.
The Lord is a warrior.
Who among the gods is like You oh Lord?
Majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders.
In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You have redeemed.

This is our Lord. This is our Dad.

Like Isaiah 46.
Where Isaiah praises and lifts up the name of God above all others.
And He remembers, that God has carried us since our first days.
He will sustain. He will rescue.
It’s a certainty.
Because no other is His equal.
Fix it in mind, take it to heart, remember that God is God and there is no other.
There is none like Him.
He makes known the end from the beginning and His purpose stands firm.

He’s our Dad.
And He’s called me to be His child.
His ambassador.
He has set us apart for Him.
I am set apart for God
I am His.
He has chosen me.

And we know this, but yet the doubts of ‘I can’t do it’ creep in.
But God has equipped us by His Spirit.
He has.
He sets us apart and gives us His Spirit so that we can fulfil His purposes and His plans.

He knows us. Intimately. Perfectly. And He knows how to equip us for His calling.
We do what He asks of us in His strength.
In nothing more or less than obedience.
And He will give us all that we need.
To fulfilling His plan and His purpose.
Because it is His
And we are privileged to be called as co-workers.

But yet sometimes when things aren’t happening the way that we want them to happen we take things into our own hands. And we don’t trust the promises of God over us.
And God can’t equip us as He longs to.
Like when Abraham didn’t wait for the promised son.
He did it his own way.
But when all seemed dead and gone, God said, ‘I will do it my way.’
And the promised son arrived.
Like with Saul, who God had chosen from among others, but yet when he took things into his own hands God couldn’t use him.
Because God won’t share His glory with another.
He alone is God.
He alone is worthy to be praised.

I don’t want to apply my wisdom.
His ways are higher than mine.
His thoughts are above.
I don’t want to go my own way.
I want to continue in obedience. Step by step. Faithfully trusting His promises over what is always displayed in the natural.
We have to fix our eyes on Him alone. Above ourselves. Above others. Above our circumstances. He is our focus.
What God asks for is obedience.
Not our selfish ambition. Not our preoccupation.
We are all rebels because we all think we know best and that we are right.
But He is righteous. He is holy. He is God. Glorious in all of His ways.
So we set our hearts upon Him, and in that context trust Him completely.
Because He is my Father.
And I am His.

Oh Lord, You give the answer. Keep me faithful to Your heart. Fix my eyes and guide my steps. Receive the glory that is due to Your Name.


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