Salvation spring up…

Today is move day. 

And truthfully, there is very little time to blog.

Between moving sofas, and beds and suitcases, it is particularly busy and the heavy rain is presenting some interesting challenges! 😉

That, and the huge welt forming on my leg made by a huge falling detachable sofa arm… Ouch!!

And as the bulk of my day is being spent driving car loads of possessions backwards and forwards, my main thoughts are being directed by my driving play list.

Which is made up of the latest Passion album, the best of Passion album, and some old school Vineyard.

I love rediscovering old music, and in the packing for the move, songs like ‘Salvation’ by Charlie Hall and ‘There’s No One Like Our God’ by Vicky Beeching have come back to my attention. And singing these songs in my little car full of belongings has been a great way to spend some good time with God is the middle of the busy-epic-move-day.

It’s also focused my on the future. Because it’s a bit sad seeing my piano get packed up and putting some of my belongings in storage, but singing ‘Salvation spring up from the ground, Lord rend the heavens and come down’ reminds me of my heart’s cry. And praying ‘Let all the prodigals run home’ keeps me focused on what God is calling me onto.

So, moving, packing, singing and just-about-smiling… It’s still a good day!!

P.s. me and the girls celebrated getting the keys for the new house last night with a ‘celebratory MacDonalds’… I know, sums up our house! 😉


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