God’s great dance floor!

Now, when the move was finished yesterday evening, most people would have settled down for an early night.

But I went to a friend’s fancy dress party.

Like you do.

But it was a wonderful, wonderful time.

Check it out:-

I know, we’re beautiful.

And I’m really tiny! 😉

And today marked my last Sunday in Inverness for the summer. 

It has been an AMAZING day! 

Church was the most hilarious family service I have ever been to. (Seriously, I’m not sure if the elder’s drama will be on ICF TV but if it ends up on the website you should all have a watch!!) 

Lunch with my wonderful parents before they headed back to England. 

A joint my leaving/friend’s birthday party at a local tapas bar tonight.

Tonight was precious.

17 of my favourite people and best friends in one room, listening to the best music (we could create our own playlist for the restaurant), eating great food, dancing, and laughing. A lot. 

Here’s some more photographic evidence:-

Rachael and Lisa also made me a beautiful leaving present. Perhaps the greatest gift. My favourite photos and quotes in a huge picture, with hand written letters hidden in the back. I felt so loved. I feel so loved.

So this weekend, I have moved, and laughed, and been to lots of parties. But through it all, I have overwhelmingly known the Presence of God so close in everything. It has been so precious. This afternoon I took a couple of hours out just to rest in His Presence and worship. And it was the most perspective restoring time. My sermon for next week started to form in my spirit. I began to know something of His vision. I remembered that I am so secure in His love. And I realised again that only in His Presence am I safe, and only in His strength am I strong.

One of my friend’s just came up to me and said, ‘You’re very precious Peta.’

And it just made me so thankful. Because I know it to be true. And that’s humbling. A great God calls me precious. And I am blessed with friends who share His heart.

I love Jesus so much.

Right now, the thankfulness of all He has done is moving me in a precious, deep way. One of the songs on the latest Passion album is called ‘God’s Great Dance Floor’ and I have been thinking, as I have danced and laughed, but still known Him so close this weekend, that it is a totally lyrically appropriate song! 😉

What a beautiful friend. What a beautiful God.



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