Productive days and celebratory curries :)

Today has been productive.

Really productive.

Do you ever get that? You know, days where you just seem to get everything done ahead of schedule, completed to the right standard, and you can’t help but feel really, really good about it?

(Now, these days don’t happen that often, but I am seriously thankful when they do!)

Today I was particularly thankful, because just after lunch I had an email requesting that an article I was in the middle of writing be completed by a new 5pm deadline.

Which would have been a little bit tricky to fit in.

Had I not been ahead of schedule.

But I love it when you start your day with God, in His Presence, in the Word, and then the impact of that time flows over into the rest of your day. Because I’m now six months into tithing my time to God. And reflecting on the beauty of all He has done in and through that consecrated time is humbling. Because I have found complete healing and purpose and wholeness and truth in those times in his Presence. 

And it changes everything.

It flows into the good days, the busy days, the stressful days and the bad days.

His Presence covers all circumstances and situations and renews what otherwise looked permanently broken. 

Because He is so faithful.

So beautifully, life transformingly faithful. 


Today one of my wonderful house mates also passed her driving test first time (WELL DONE Becca!!) and we celebrated by eating a three course Indian meal at our favourite restaurant. Perfect. 

And now I sit watching a cheesy film and spending some quality girl time with my lil-but-yet-now-bigger-than-me-pretend-sister and my favourite cuddly pooch!! Perfect also.

I love it when a Monday definitely doesn’t get you down! 😉


Oh, and that article I was writing earlier was to advertise an amazing conference called ‘Deep Impact’ that I’m involved in organising with an incredible team of individuals. 

Seriously, if you are a Christian involved in youth or children’s work in Scotland right now, 17th – 19th January 2014 marks the time that you want to get yourself to Aviemore and be seriously excited about what lies ahead. 

Check out for more information.

The Sky’s the Limit: getting a bigger vision for your youth and children’s work!



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