The pudding and the potato zoo.

Take 4 friends.

Add 2 tubs of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Plus 36 profiteroles.

With one large tub of hot chocolate sauce.

Mixed with an extra portion of double cream.

Equals one beautiful pudding experience.



Now, here’s the irony.

Our main course is still in the oven.

But we were hungry.

So we cracked out the puddings first.

Doing things a little bit backwards, but enjoying the entire experience 😉


And our main course?

The greatest find that me and Becca have come against in recent Tesco-trips…

Yep. Potato Zoo. Crispy potato animals make meal times fun!

Now, we do have some more ingredients to make this dinner slightly more balanced, but I am most excited about our potato zoo.

That promises to make our meal time more fun.


I love it when something comes with a promise.

Because when the promise is certain, it brings hope.

The promise of our potato zoo is our amusing meal time.

The promise of the new flavour of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream that we tried, was it’s chocolatey, tasty goodness.

The promise of a night with friends is wonderful laughter.

And the promises of our beautiful God are more precious and innumerable than we could ever ask or imagine.


Because He who makes the promise is certain. And He is faithful.


Me and some friends went to a wonderful women’s event last night where Philippa Hanna played great music and Liz Curtis Higgs made us laugh until we cried. And the message was around this theme of promise, and God’s faithfulness, and His amazing love that grafts us into His purposes when we don’t deserve or expect it. 

Like Ruth, the girl from Moab who found shelter and love and refuge under the wings of the most high God.

And if you want a laugh, search for ‘Liz Curtis Higgs’ on YouTube and watch her rap on the book of Ruth…



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