God opportunities…


So, many of you have now got my schedule for Japan, and are praying.

And praying hard.

Thank you!

Thank you so much!!

And today is a specific prayer request.

Because I had some more information through about a couple of the lectures that I’m going to be doing whilst I’m in Japan. And they need quite a bit of preparation. And are a little more scary that I first thought.

Because I anticipated doing what I do in this country. You know, talking to students. Studying for their undergraduate. Which is pretty fun!!

But, it’s actually a bit different than that.

The first one is a bigger deal than I thought. It’s for the staff team at a University, and a wider group of researchers who are looking to establish an Institute for Professional Training for those involved in youth and children’s work in Japan.

I have an hour to speak. Plus discussion time.


Please pray that as I prepare, I can talk about my own experiences of youth work, and really communicate how my faith, and my work within a church and Christian context has been completely central to that. This is an amazing opportunity to talk about youth work and training, but it is also an incredible opportunity to share the values and heart of my own motivation behind youth work and training.

Please pray as I prepare, that I can get the balance right, that His words would be mine, and that the overwhelming feeling of being a little out of my depth would just cause me to trust in a deeper way.

The second one is for a group statutory and non-profit workers. There is a large group of them, and I have been asked to deliver two hours of training to support them in developing their organisations and partnership work. Again, this is a really amazing opportunity, and I am very humbled.

So, please pray as I prepare. Especially that I would use my time wisely.

I have one day left in Inverness before I travel to High Wycombe, and am finishing my sermon for Tuesday night as I type. This time next week I will be in Japan beginning meetings, research, time with church planters, and work with young people.

And these two lectures need to be written, with translated parts of presentation, within these next few weeks.

I’m a little bit scared. And a little bit excited. And a little bit expectant.


I love the incredible opportunities that God graciously opens.

I love the faith that rises when you feel out of your depth.

I’m excited!

And I’m packed!!

Woop, woop!!




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