Finishing work for 8 weeks…

… Is the weirdest feeling!!

And I have finally got to the end of a huge to-do list linked to finishing at the office, handed the old house keys into the estate agents so the new owners can pick them up next week, and filled my huge suitcase full of enough clothes to last me for a considerably long trip. I now sit, enjoying what is likely to be my last London Fog in a while. I somehow can’t imagine that Japan is going to share my fondness for earl grey tea topped up with steamed milk… (Although I’ll keep you posted on this as my travels continue ;-))

And today, despite things being a little bit busy, I took some time to think and set my heart upon the God who is always before and behind me.

Some friends of mine sent me a lovely encouraging email this morning in which they reminded me of a couple of well-known-bits of the Bible: Psalm 23 and John 10. 

Because He is my Shepherd. My guide. And my friend.

It is His voice I hear and His voice I follow.

And His leadership is perfect.

I love that!

I love Jesus.

My Shepherd.

There’s a Chris Tomlin song that I love the lyrics to called ‘Whom Shall I Fear?’ and the chorus is simply,

I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind, the God of angel armies, is always by my side. The One who reigns forever, He is a friend of mine, the God of angel armies, is always by my side.

That’s a wonderful truth.

At work. At home. At uni. In Inverness. In England. In Japan. On a plane. On a train. Speaking to many. Working with few. Every conversation. Every moment. Every step. Every mile.

He is before me. He is behind me. He is next to me. By my side.

As the Message puts Psalm 23, ‘I am not afraid when You walk by my side.’

Thank you so much for your prayers!!


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