Train time ponderings…

So I’m hurtling my way down the UK on various trains today.

And I’m having a great time!

I changed train in Edinburgh about an hour ago, and am now settled for a good few hours until I change at Wolverhampton.

But I’m meeting some lovely people, and getting to share lots about Japan, my heart for God and why I study Theology. Which is grand!

And the virgin train I’m now on has great WiFi. Which is even grander.

AND the lovely man in charge of the train carried all my luggage for me and stored it away safely as he was worried I’d ‘put my back out’ (I really wouldn’t… He’s just underestimating my mighty strength!) However, he’s even arranged for someone to carry my luggage for me at the other end too. Who knew that customer service like this even existed anymore?! THIS is even, even grander!!

The nice thing about long journey’s is also having good quality time to pray, read, chat and blog.

I had an email from one of the pastors I’m staying with in Japan this morning sharing that they had seen 32 young people come to their church youth event last night, as opposed to the usual 15. This news excites me (!!!) and spurs me to use some of this time to pray that those young people will return on Sunday!

I mean, please join me in that, because this is beautiful fruit in a dry place!!

I’ve had a few other friends ask me to stand with them in prayer over some battles and issues today. This propels me to talk to God about what He is wanting me to pray or share with them.

Quality time with God is a beautiful thing.

And I’ve also been thinking about a picture of our Heavenly Father that God gave me when I was in prayer for a friend earlier in the week.

Because as much as the picture was for my friend, it sure encouraged me.

(Don’t you just love how God does that?)

In the picture my friend was a young child. 

They were maybe 2 or 3 years old and they were learning to walk. 

And their Heavenly Father was in the picture, calling them to walk towards Him. 

And they were so determined. 

Like a slightly stubborn child with a fixed and determined expression, they focused, they stood up, they fixed their gaze on their Father, and they took some steps towards Him, arms outstretched. 

But then, as every child does when they’re learning, they stumbled and fell on route. 

And this was the thing. 

In the picture, the child’s face first looked a little bit scared, like they were expecting God to be disappointed that they didn’t make it to Him. 

But if they had just looked at Him they would have seen Him smiling so big, and enjoying them so much. 

Because when we take a few tiny steps towards Him, He runs towards us, arms outstretched, rejoicing in us because we are His. 

We are His precious and beloved children, who He is proud of, and who He calls, and who He wants to spend time with. Because He paid everything to be close to us. 

And we become holy, not by our own zeal (although we want to learn to walk and please Him with everything we are); but we become holy by hanging out with the One who is.

Oh today is one of those days where I just keep being humbled and overwhelmed by the love of a mighty God.

I’ll try and blog again when I arrive later tonight! 🙂



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