A beautiful Sunday. In a barn.

Today has been stunning.

I’ve actually just woken up from a two hour nap in the warm Wycombe sunshine, so that will give you a clue as to how relaxed I am right now.

Love it!

This morning I joined with the guys at Latimer Minster for church. This is Sam and Naomi’s wonderful church family.

What a place!

Now the Minster is incredible as a venue, before you even get to the church service or the people that make it up. You drive up a dirt road, past a few dilapidated buildings and some old caravans, to the heart of what will be a thriving missional community. And right now, it’s being built. Spiritually and literally. So it’s a growing, slightly fledging church plant. 

In what is a literal barn.

Like, everyone was excited because they’d just waved goodbye to the porta-loos and installed a real flushing toilet.

But, seriously, I loved this whole concept.

I stood at the back of the church, worshipping freely in the stunning sunshine, barn doors wide open… It’s a really special place and this morning was a really special time. 

This is the ‘barn’ where church is held.

Band practice:

The teaching this morning considered the idea of praise, focussing on a walk-through Psalm 47. 

Hallelujah is real.

Praise is real.

It is real people relating to a real God.

Praise is congregational. Korah and his sons wrote authentic songs for the thousands gathered in the temple to worship. This song was intended to be sung by many people at the same time.

Praise is joyful. It is where we rouse the core of our being to do what it was meant to do. Even when the weather is cold we want our hearts to be hot.

Praise is vocal. We need to speak it out.

Praise is loud. When it comes to the worth of God, there is always more to say.

Praise is global. God is King over all the earth.

Praise is powerful. It recognises that God is a God who acts and is victorious.

Praise is purposeful. We join our hearts and minds and beings with the purposes of God.

Praise is poetic and the expression of our personal love.

Praise is liturgical (note the CoE roots ;-)). God sits on a holy throne. He is not boring or ordinary. He is awesomely different.

Praise is outworked locally. The global God is locally praised.

We find our home in a place of praise.

What a great message.

What a great God.


Today has also been made  precious by spending some quality time with Sam and Naomi’s beautiful twins. These girls are literally cuteness personified. I think I’m in love! 🙂

Please pray as well as we move into tomorrow. Myself and Sam are taking RE lessons in local schools and then I’m speaking at a meeting for Christian Union leaders in the afternoon. We really want to share the Gospel with these young people in a fresh way. I love being back in Wycombe! It is true!


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