Inspirational young people. Inspirational dreams.

So today I have been in schools, speaking at a Christian Union, and then speaking this evening at an inter-school event for members of Christian Unions.

It’s been a blessed day.

With some inspirational people.

I personally think High Wycombe is a pretty special place when it comes to Christian Unions and really has pioneered some amazing and pretty unique work in this area. When I first got to know the guys here about ten years ago now, there had just been a mighty move of God in one of the Christian Unions which had seen hundreds of young people come to faith in a few months. 

I still haven’t heard of or seen anything quite like it.

Revival stories. But in a school context.

Young people meeting every day. Seeing others come to faith every week.

Whereas many Christian Unions become holy huddles where a handful of young people hide away in their school once a week, these Christian Unions are equipped and resourced to grow, run school based missions, and be student led and pioneered.

I really love this.

I heard stories today about a CU that had grown from 3 to 35 in a year. Of a school based mission that saw one of the RE teachers (as well as many young people) respond at the end of it. Of a CU that feels so strongly that God will grow it to 100 next year, that they are moving into the biggest venue their school has in preparation and faith. Of so many young people who love Jesus and are desperate to see Him move in their town and amongst their friends.

It’s a really beautiful thing.

At lunchtime the worship was led by a 15 year old lad.

This evening, the worship was led by a band of 15 year olds. Who just led us into the Presence of God in a really special way.

These CUs are all led by students, resourced by Christian workers, but owned and led and developed by young people. For young people. For Jesus to get the glory.

So I’ve been speaking, and praying for these young people. But I’ve been so challenged and inspired myself by their faith and passion.

And I really believe God has done,  is doing and is going to do something even more special in Wycombe. That what has been before is just a foretaste of what is to come.

This is such a great way to spend my last few days in the UK for the summer!!


Tomorrow we’ll be taking more RE lessons and I’m speaking at another youth event in the evening. Please pray for Holy Spirit’s anointing and that I would speak in alignment with our Father’s heart. We are desperate to see young people come to know Jesus as their Saviour and friend, and see young people released into all He has for them.



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