Writing lectures :)

Today I left Tokyo early to commute across the city with my huge amount of luggage before rush-hour.

Fortunately, I made it without any mishaps and was safely in Hamamatsu by 10am! 🙂

Here’s me posing with my luggage waiting for my train… Just to prove I did do it all by myself. 

Again, I really do realise I brought WAY too much stuff (but stuff I mean clothes!) with me! It’s just that the truly English part of my brain really couldn’t trust that I wouldn’t need to pack ANY jumpers at all!!

So anyway, I made it here in time for a great brunch of French toast, earl grey tea and uplifting chats, and have then settled into a few hours of lecture writing.

Which is killing my wee brain today! 

Honestly, it’s amazing what two weeks of not doing the-stuff-that-you-normally-knock-out-in-a-mundane-fashion does to you when you suddenly try and shake your head back into gear.

I am just about getting there.

One lecture is on training youth workers in the UK, and the other one is on reflective practice and organisational development. And I’m on track to get one finished today, and the other tomorrow.

If I can remember how to make a PowerPoint presentation! 😉

So these next two days blog posts may be quite brief, and they may not have the same level of fun pictures you’ve been used to… Because… I’m working hard!!

However, I’ve also been dwelling on prayer today. On the importance of prayer. The life source that prayer is. On the power of God that breaks through when we are faithful in the place of prayer. I guess as I keep discovering and learning more about the situation here in Japan, the theme of Sunday’s sermon sticks with me and marks me in a very real way. I want the things that I see and the people I meet to mark me in a way that means I will persevere in the place of prayer until I see breakthrough. For them. For here.

And I don’t think God’s marking is meant to be comfortable. I sometimes think it’s like being branded by Him, in a way that means you carry the burdens He calls you to in a place of relentless, passionate prayer. 

And He’s so good, because His burden is never too much, and He bears the weight on Himself. But yet, we are still branded with those things, to pray that the Kingdom of God would come.

I want to be a warrior in the place of prayer. More than I have been. More than I am. This is my request and my desire.


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