Pray for Hamamatsu.

Now tomorrow morning I leave for my time in Osaka and the surrounding area, but today I have finished writing my lectures (Praise God!), and been taken for a wonderful day out in the beautiful-to-me-now city of Hamamatsu.

This post will be more photos, and less words (I’m a bit worded-out from writing presentations to be honest), but I do want to use it to ask you to pray for this place, for the people here, and for the church that I am privileged to be based in over my time staying here. I’m back here for the last two weeks of my trip, and preparations are in full swing for the youth camp that will take place. Pray for this over these next few weeks. Just, please pray.

So, photos! 🙂 These are some of the precious people I’m staying with.

Ben and Ruth pastor the church here and are an inspirational, loving and wonderful couple who have given their life’s call to serve this country and love these people. And they have opened their home to me with such kindness. Please pray God’s continued blessing and protection on them as they serve Him.

This was last night’s Japanese-Italian meal. Because, you know, I take photos of my food and everything 🙂

They even served Clipper earl grey here. It does not get a lot better than chocolate torte with the finest quality earl grey tea!

Until you hit today… 

Yep. More great food.

Becca, this french toast is perhaps the best I have ever had. No joke. You could live here!

And this is Hamamatsu from the greatest prayer spot in the city…

Beautiful. I really want to get some people to pray up here!! We even thought there was a ready-made worship stage! 😉

And finally, I was even allowed to geek out at the pianos in the musical instrument museum. Hahaha. Because I really am a Steinway piano geek!! 

I am hoping for WiFi in Osaka when I arrive at my home-stay. This couple aren’t Christians and don’t speak great English, so please pray that I can be bold, and also shine a little of the light of Jesus to them.

Love you all!!


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