God amazes me :)

Thanks for your prayers 🙂 Tonight had some amazing opportunities!

The family I’m staying with cooked a welcome meal that saw me eating some food that pushed me quite a way out of my comfort zone! Mainly because it was raw. Or slimy. Or had eyes. You would be proud of me!! Like seriously, I ate everything! 

Then after walking the streets of Osaka with a community group who talk to local young people, we arrived back at the house.

The granddaughter of the couple I am staying with (who is 10) was playing the piano, and I sat down to play a duet with her.

And then we began to play ‘Amazing Grace’, and the Grandmother sang in Japanese and me in English.

And the family started saying, ‘Your music gives us a good feeling!’

So then the Grandmother grabbed hold of my hand, and said, ‘I am a Christian too. I think I have given Jesus my heart.’ And then she went and fetched a really old hymn book… So we sang some old hymns, and I said I would get up early to pray over their house. 

I think there are a mix of beliefs here, and you definitely have the traditional Japanese idols, mixed with a desire for Truth. So pray especially for this lady, who just kept holding her heart, and then saying ‘Jesus’ to me for the last 45 minutes. Pray that this household would know the Truth, and that He would set them free.


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