Earthquakes and fireworks.

So today I experienced my first real-life earthquake. 

We reached 5.0 in magnitude, and coming from the UK, where earthquakes do not really rock our existence on a regular basis, it was a bit of a surreal experience. 

Me and Ruth were cleaning the church at the time, so for a moment I thought we were doing something crazy when pulling the chairs along the floor, but then when the first floor church hall kept moving up and down I did clock on to what was happening.

And you’d have been proud… I didn’t even freak out. Ruth laughed at me because the first thing I said was, ‘At least we’re in the house of God!’

So that was new experience of the day number 1.

And then tonight has been new experience number 2… Japanese fireworks.

Now in the UK, fireworks consist of a 10-15 minute display of a handful of not-always-that-impressive explosions.

But I’ll give Japan it’s due, it sure knows how to do fireworks.

Think a two hour show of the most spectacular lights, variety and sounds. 

Something else.

Tonight has just been wonderful actually. The best company. Some great food. A cute dog. Brilliant fireworks.

And on the walk to watch the fireworks, as we were surrounded by thousands of people, I said out loud, ‘I wonder how many of these people are Christians?’ And Marcus was next to me and he immediately replied, ‘Sadly, probably not very many.’ And it again hit me that there is such need here, and that caused me to pray a lot as we watched the fireworks, and saw the throbbing crowds.

But on the walk back to the car I was so encouraged. Because there was a Japanese street preacher, with a few young people with banners. And even though they were so few, and the crowds were so big, they were faithfully sharing the Gospel on the streets with such love. And I thought… ‘The light shines in the darkness.’

Nothing that profound. Something very simple. But what a wonderful witness.

We are the light of the world. And in His Light, we will overcome.

Pray for Japan.

That Holy Spirit would spiritually shake us like an earthquake, and spiritually fill us with Light brighter than a firework.

Enjoy these snaps! 😉




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