God loves worshippers :)

So the theme of today has been John 4, and a message spoken by Ben at church this morning that was just incredible.

We looked at this passage in quite a lot of detail, but particularly focussing on the way that Jesus restored this broken woman, who everyone else would have written off, and called her to be a worshipper of Him. 

A worshipper of God.

She saw her brokenness, her failure and her need, but Jesus spoke of His Living Water and the way in which His Father sought out worshippers.

Those who would worship Him in spirit and truth.

And as He loved her, He healed her and she saw Him as her Messiah.

And she saw that she could be a worshipper.

One who knew what it was to be rescued and redeemed and made whole again.

One who would worship in spirit and in truth.


I love how beautiful Jesus is.

What a Saviour? He who takes our shame and restores our future.

My day continued along this theme as I sat in on the youth worship practice this afternoon and we looked at this passage in our opening small group. 

What a beautiful meditation to inspire joyful worship.

These guys are just amazing! Actually, please pray for the youth of HSK because we’re now on the week countdown to the summer youth camp where we’ll see about 30 kids join us for some amazing times with God, and we’re praying the Holy Spirit brings salvation and freedom. The young girl in this picture is 14 and she is helping lead the worship! Pray for God’s anointing on her!! 

We then had a church prayer meeting… for the youth camp. And wow, what a meeting. Passionate prayer with a wonderful fellowship excites me like nothing else, and it was such a blessing to just pray over every aspect and every young person and every burden. And then to geek out sitting on the floor and singing the cup song 😉 (some of you will know what I’m talking about!!)

And finally, we finished today off singing worship by the river.

Honestly, Sunday’s have never been so sweet.

And Hamamatsu at night is beautiful.

Just like the God who made it.


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