Prayer for the youth camp.

Today has been a wonderful day. Relaxing. Full of great God-glorifying conversation with some of my favourite people, and ending with a good time of thinking about worship at one of the HSK vital groups (think house groups in the UK).

And throughout many of my conversations today, the focus has been the same: cultivating a place of prayer, the importance of prayer, and the way everything flows from a place of prayer. 

Prayer, prayer, prayer.

And I am struck again with the thought that Jesus calls us to abide in Him (John 15), and that abiding means talking and listening and dwelling and just being in a real life relationship with a real person. It means praying. And praying with faith.

I love this reality. Abiding in Jesus is the safest, most beautiful place.

It’s where He promises I will bear fruit, much fruit and more fruit.

And because I believe in the importance of prayer and the impact of prayer and the heart of God for prayer, I would like to ask for your prayers for next week’s youth camp in some specific ways.

Last night as we met to pray as a church for this camp it was powerful, and a few of us had the overwhelming picture of chains being broken. That more than young people just having a good, fun, happy time at this camp, that God also wanted to bring them freedom from the things that bound them and kept them separated from Him. And that Holy Spirit was preparing the ground and asking us to be faithful to pray.

And I would like you to join us:

– Please pray for the camp leaders and helpers; for unity, no stress, and faithful witness. That the team would love each other and minister from a place of strength in God. 

– Please pray for the young people signed up and the young people still to do so. For the Christians and the non-Christians. Pray for open hearts, honest fellowship and changed lives. 

– Pray that the worship times would be times where real healing takes place as we praise. Pray for the three young people involved in leading worship and for their own witness and boldness amongst their peers.

– Pray that chains would be broken, in a way that lasts. That this camp would be a catalyst for real salvation, real healing and real fruit.

– Pray Jesus would take His place at the centre of it all. Always. In all things. In every motive, every conversation, and every moment. Because it is all for Him.

The youth camp is the 11th, 12th and 13th August! 🙂

And I’m afraid to say that I failed in taking too many photos today because I was too busy *cough* talking! Sorry!! The only thing I did was capture the menu in Starbucks so that Becca could appreciate the fact they sold Caramel Steamers here on the menu! Hahaha. What great priorities!!


3 thoughts on “Prayer for the youth camp.

  1. A great list! Even though I won’t be there, excited to be able to partner in prayer for y’all!! God is going to do amazing things 🙂

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