Children and safari parks ;-)

Today has been a lot of fun.

Tiring. But a lot of fun.

It has involved 80 kids, 2 coaches, and a fair amount of animals at Mount Fuji safari park. It was made more tiring by the fact that me and the girls stayed up chatting until the early hours of the morning, and then I had to leave at 5.30am. Making the most of my last week is definitely where it’s at right now!!

Because they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I took a lot of photos for you all to share in! 😉

So this is me and some of my new friends on the coach trip:

And this is Marcus with some of the cutest kids in the world:

And here is a taste of the safari park on a day so hot that I think all the animals just wanted to sleep in the coolest shade they could find… And I couldn’t blame them!!

We then headed on up to the visitors centre at Mount Fuji for another couple of hours crazy games, and a little bit of learning-about-Mount-Fuji on the way.

So these kids and the other adults you see in these photos are Marcus’s colleagues and the classes that he teaches each week. So it would be great if you could pray for him and for them in these long term relationships and that the Holy Spirit would continue to use him to be a light in what is sometimes a very dark place. A lot of these children just crave positive, healthy adult attention, because their parents work such incredibly long hours. None of the other staff at this language school are Christians. So it’s a great place to really live out and speak out the difference that Jesus makes in all things, but it’s also an area to pray that God would bring about real lasting fruit in.

And on that note… I’m so tired! And I’m signing out to sleep! 😉


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