The God of hope.

Today has been so busy! It’s after 11pm and I’m just sitting down to write this blog, but I am so blessed.

So unbelievably blessed.

And the thought that hits me above all things right now is this: God is the God of hope.

All hope.

All peace.

And all joy.

He is the God of restoration.

He is God.

Our day with Akiro and Keiko was just wonderful. We prayed beautiful prayers for them and us, ate a four course breakfast, spent the day in some stunning scenery, ate a three course French lunch, shared about the Lord, prayed some more and then headed back to Hamamatsu. And through it all, I just loved building what I think will be a long term friendship with these precious people and making plans for the future. They were just amazing. And I pray that they will come to know God for themselves. Here are some snaps from today!

Stunning isn’t it? Today was a great reminder that God is the God of hope. For this country, yes? But also for my own life and my own future.

We returned to Hamamatsu in time for a final planning meeting about the youth camp that starts tomorrow. I’m so excited! Now, we know God is going to do big things with and through these young people. So please keep praying!! I’m afraid I definitely won’t have Wifi at the camp site over the next three days, so I’ll try and post a wee update before we head off after church tomorrow and then upload more from the airport before I fly back on Wednesday!

I can’t believe my time here is almost over… For now.

I’ve got some big updates for you all on timings, the long term plan, and what God is doing regarding open doors… But that will have to wait for another day. But know that I am so encouraged. So blessed. And so thankful for a God who is worthy of all praise. 

Japan, I love you. Because Jesus first loved you.


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