Hello love.

So God is doing great things at this camp. It’s the end of day two, the shooting stars have just started to appear and the conversations are looking to continue long into the night. Like most camps, so much has been crammed into a couple of short days that it’s difficult to know where to begin… But between the great worship, the theme of ‘Faith, Hope and Love’, the messy games, acting games, bonfire time, swimming pool antics and water fights, it’s been a good combination of the best kind of fellowship, with both others and God.

I have learnt how to stomp, met some wonderful young people, and heard a lot of their stories. I have been encouraged, challenged and loved. I have also been thrown in the pool, covered in shaving foam and eaten a lot of marshmallows. And we have sung, danced, laughed, learnt and prayed. A young girl came up to me this afternoon and said, ‘I love sitting next to you in camp. I hope that God helps me to worship Him with the same joy that you do.’ I am so blessed by these kids.
I have taken a few photos to give you a look at what we’re doing, but as we have a couple of guys in charge of photography at the camp, I haven’t taken that many in the grand scheme of things. Sorry!

As hard as it is for me to know I’m leaving Japan incredibly soon, being here is the best way to end this time well.

There is now a lot to do. I have a busy few days preparing for my Masters week, am then in Glasgow for study, and then back to work. I have a lot of steps to trust God in and walk forward in, and a number of people I need to have serious conversations with over this next couple of months. But I trust God. That what He has promised will come to pass. That all that He has promised will come to pass. He’s done so much in these last weeks. He’s spoken so much. He’s so beautiful to me. 

Oh yeah, the title of this blog post… Those people who know me well will know that I often greet people with the words, ‘Hello love…’ Well, this has become a bit of camp phrase… Like, I have 30 mostly Japanese, with a few other nationalities, young people, all running up to me saying ‘Hello love’ in a imitation English accent. Very funny. And today I have had about 100 ‘Hello love’ greetings. I might have to film some of them 😉


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