Homeward bound :)

So as I write this I am sitting on a bus back from an afternoon at a wonderful lake somewhere in the mountains near Hamamatsu. Camp is over and I have to get a Shinkansen back to Tokyo in 2 hours in order to be there to check in at 7am. But for now I’m sitting next to a 12 year old girl who has been telling me that the best thing about church is lifting her hands to praise and thank God. I am blessed and happy and thankful and full.

I have a full heart. Full to overflowing.

Last night we finished the evening toasting marshmallows and singing worship around an open fire, and today we have worshipped some more, jumped in a variety of rivers and talked about our eternal hope in a beautiful God.

And I have a mix of emotions. Because I love these kids and I love this church and I feel like I have been here for a lot longer than a few weeks. And leaving feels hard. Because honestly, here feels like home. But I’m also excited to see the people I love and the people I miss back in Scotland. To eat a phenomenal Dores breakfast with Becca, catch up on the girls’ news (Lisa and Rach, I got your whatsapp messages but I didn’t have enough signal to reply), and get my head into next week’s Biblical interpretation module at uni. And then head back to work and remember that I truly love working with young people in any culture.

And I think about the future. And I’m excited to start to walk out this next stage of the journey. And a little scared, because a lot is looking to change, and there’s a lot to be done. But I look at all God has done and said and promised, through His Word, in my heart, through others, through the beautiful fruit that He calls forth… And I am totally assured. That greater than the fear of man, and the fear of change, He who makes the promise I faithful. And I love that when I doubt, He reminds me that because I abide in Him, He can call forth good fruit. And when I look at this last 6 weeks , there is so much that I can only give Him glory for… Because He has used me and sealed me and called me, and produced eternal fruit that is so, so good. He has changed me more than I can really articulate on paper.

So praise God with me. And please pray for me. Please thank God for the open doors and wise mentors He has placed in my life already. And please pray that these next weeks and months will be a smooth journey to the destination that He has ordained and promised.


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