The sun shines :)

Today has been pretty wonderful, despite some fierce jet lag reminding me that my body doesn’t really understand what time of the day it is right now. God has graciously used a number of things to bring me some welling-up-style joy, and I am exceedingly grateful!

1. I got to stay up late catching up with my parents last night. Late night chats are the best. My parents are the best.

2. I brought the new Onething album today. Beautiful, beautiful worship! Wonderful, wonderful God.

3. I got to hang out with my Mum all day…

4. And get a much-needed haircut…

5. And go to Pizza Express for lunch…

6. And buy purple vans, appreciate great buskers and enjoy being in Devon-land! (simple pleasures!!)

7. I cracked on with some great preparation for my Masters next week. And I loved, loved, loved it. Today I was reading parts of Deuteronomy, the book of Jonah and 1 Corinthians, as well as some hermeneutical books… And I am so blessed by the way that Holy Spirit speaks through the Word, even when you’re studying it from a Biblical interpretation from a-ever-so-slightly-academic angle. 

8. The sun shone. All day. And it wasn’t actually as cold as I thought it would be. We even ate lunch outside 🙂 

9. Despite being 28 and not having lived at home for a decade, my Mum still did my washing for me today. Truly, everyone needs a Mum as great as mine.

10. I received a beautiful combination of welcome-home-messages from UK friends, and we-miss-you messages from friends in Japan. I know I am loved by some great and precious people. And that just reminds me that I am abundantly loved by an awesome God. Thank you.

I was studying today and I was reading a Biblical interpretation book on some of the different ways we could read and interpret Scripture, when one quote really hit me. It used pretty academic vocabulary, so I’m going to paraphrase, but it was basically highlighting that through all of our interpretative skills, Holy Spirit is both central and most important to helping us gain true revelation. Because He was there in the history, the original context, the choice of words and phrases and guided the hands of the writers. And He is still here now, as we read and apply and understand the Word, as we pray for a revelation of Truth and seek to live lives pleasing to God. And I loved that. That reminder, that in all our wrestling and academics, Holy Spirit is central to accurate Biblical interpretation. I’m so excited to be a student again next week! 🙂

So tomorrow I finish up some Masters prep, to then head for a stop off at my grandparent’s house enroute back to Scotland. Family is really wonderful! 

Oh, and here are some great pictures of my day!


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