My comfort.

So today my jet lagged brain finally gave into the fact it needed to sleep, and sleep I did… Until 10am (I’m normally a 5am girl so this is unheard of!!) After some good time with God post lazy-morning-late-rising, I’ve been cracking on with the Masters preparation that I needed to email off to my tutor today… Namely, a brief essay on 1 Corinthians, and some hefty background reading. I just can’t even say how excited I am about going to Bible college again next week… I’m such-a-massive-geek I know. But I really love the Word, and I really love having the time and space to explore and learn and pray and just go deeper into the things of God.

I’m also excited to visit my grandparents tomorrow and then see the beautiful folk of ICF on Sunday morning! It’s a really great way to get used to being back into the UK to have long catch-ups with the people you love over copious amounts of tea and photographs. Last night me and my parents went for a wee road-trip back to Torquay and walked along the same beach I swam in the sea at most days of my childhood, the same beach I was baptised at, the same views I grew up with. 懐かしい indeed!! It makes me so thankful to God for the ways He has kept me and lead me since that time.

I’ve also had a great worship playlist on as I’ve worked, and the song that has really been focussing my heart meditations, and causing me to well-up in love of Jesus is ‘My Comfort’ by Davy Flowers. I love worship songs that capture great theology and true revelation of God, and the beautiful description in the lyrics of this song is stunning. Especially the bridge, which sings out:

Your hands nailed through

Your body bruised

Your name blasphemed

Your eyes on me

Your tears of grief

Falling to the ground

The Jewish king

Hailed mockingly 

The sky dark

And all the hateful voices

Your perseverance 

With eyes lifted upward

Your robe divided

Your cross brought low

The tomb found empty

Alive forevermore!

And I love that. That reminder that my comfort is found in the One who is worthy, the One who lives forevermore, and the One who hides me away in the shadow of His wings. And when I stood on that beautiful Torquay beach at 8 years old and declared that I wanted to be baptised and follow Jesus for the rest of my life, He knew that I would walk out this entire journey with Him. And He who made the promise is faithful. His rescue is stunning. His forgiveness is radiant. And it makes me radiant like Him.




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