Thankfully using our God-given imagination.

As I sit to write this blog, it’s almost 8.30pm and I am just back from a 12 hour day at uni. Which has been great, and encouraging, and challenging… But also a 12 hour day! It feels so crazy to think that it was only a week ago that I was landing in Heathrow airport, and I am in a little bit of reflection about the speed life is moving at right now. God’s timings are so wonderfully perfect. And I trust Him.

This week feels symbolic in lots of ways. It is a reminder of the pretty epic journey God has taken and sustained me on throughout this last year, it has marked the anniversary of some pretty monumental life decisions, and it’s made me reflectively thankful for it all. Because God has been so faithful to me, and He has gently led and guided and spoken at every stage and step. Just as I needed. Just as He wanted. Even when I couldn’t see. I was catching up with a wonderful tutor today, who God really used to speak to me at a point where I was praying for answers and truth, and I was able to testify about the healing and mercy and beauty of God. And I was able to talk about the many blessings and joys and adventures in my life. More than I could have ever hoped for. More than I could have ever asked for. More than I deserve. 

So I am reminded again that I have so much to be thankful for. God has rescued me. And healed me. And freed me. And taken away lies that we’re spoken over me, and experiences that happened to me, and things that bound me. And then He didn’t just rescue me from my past, He redeemed my future. Fully. Abundantly. Graciously. 

And in light of that reflection, and beginning the day there, I continued this pretty momentous study block on Biblical interpretation. We had a lot of fun today in the midst of the methods and questions-without-answers… And the thought that really struck me was the idea of using our imaginations in the application of Scripture. Now, that’s not changing or adding to the text in some weird way… I believe that Scripture is accurate, authoritative and fully inspired by Holy Spirit… But I also approach it humbly and in a deep awareness that I don’t have all the knowledge, answers or interpretation. I love the Word, I want to study the Word deeply and engage with accurately. And today we began to explore some of the ways that we could do this. Not just alone, but in community. Wrestling with the application of Scripture with others. Listening to the narrative of the Bible text. Using our God-given imagination and creativity.

And I love this idea. Not in and of itself alone, but as one tool to help us understand the Word more fully. To ask real questions and to ask them with others: What would this have looked like? What did the author mean? What did the editor mean? Why does it say this here? What question is this answering? What part of God’s character does this teach us about? What would it have felt like to be there when this was said? To be the one healed? To be the one offended? To be the one amazed? Is there a deeper meaning in this text?

I love that the Word of God is living and active. I love that as we delve deeper and ask questions, it just reveals more richness, more depth and more of God. I get amazed again at just how awesome He is and just how small I am. I pray again that Holy Spirit would speak, so that even after I have learnt practical tools to help my study, I can rely on His voice and prompting.

So, today I feel thankful. And thankful is a good place to be.


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