Being home :)

Today feels like the first real day of being home. Like, not just in travelling-transit from place to place or activity to activity, but moving-for-real-back in with the girls, preparing to go back to work, fitting in a real-life-Dores-breakfast-with-my-favourite-people, home.  

And I know it might only be for a few months, but for now, Inverness, with the friends and family I am blessed to have here, is a refreshing place to be. Last night had the catch-up-feel of a late night sleepover, today had the food and laughter feel of a holiday, but through it all, I am reminded of just how in awe I am of the revelation of God.

I still can’t get away from the beautiful reality that Jesus is the embodiment of the Torah, and the literal Word made flesh. That meaning has amazed me.


Today I got keys cut for the new house. Now, I haven’t actually needed to have keys cut in a number of years, and for some reason I had the assumption that I would give the guy in the key-cutting shop a key, leave it with him for an hour, and then come back and pick it up. So I was genuinely shocked and impressed when I gave him the key, and he made two perfect copies within about 20 seconds. The girls I were with found it so funny… Me being outwardly-amazed at the skill of the key-cutter, and this old guy being so stoked that someone was so impressed with something that normally gets taken for granted.

It was a beautifully funny moment.

But it also made me think, that there are so many times when I presume that something is going to be harder than it is. I approach it from a position of doubt rather than a position of faith. I assume that God’s going to take a long time. Now don’t get me wrong, there are seasons of pain. Seasons of patience and perseverance that I know I have had to walk through. But right now, it feels like God is actually working more quickly than I imagined. Not because I didn’t want Him to, but because I really didn’t have the faith that He could work this quickly. And I was reminded today, as I was in awe of a little old key-cutter, that maybe this is just a new season, where I can be in awe of the open doors and beautiful power of a God who is never late and never early, but just perfectly in His timings.

Now today my best friend Becca also brought her first car. Which is super cool, and super exciting. Most of all, because it means I know longer have to drive all the time!! Good job Becca!!

And this was our day:


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