Back to work…

Today was a bit of a shock to the system… Because I was back at work for the first time in 8 weeks…

Now, I know my summer can’t really be described as ‘holiday’… But the combination of travel, research, study and work of a different kind was definitely not the routine 8 till 5ish kind of days that I can structure around.

So today I attempted to undergo my old up at 5, in the office for 8, full day at work routine. And 3 meetings, 1000 emails and not-enough-fluid later, I am now nursing a throbbing headache and feeling like this week might just not be long enough.

But I have begun to talk through the timings of future plans with some of the people I need to, and that makes the future seem not so distant. And that feels exciting!

I thought today, as I attempted to sift through literally hundreds of emails, that it’s amazing the lengths that people will go to in order to get in touch with you. Emails, phone messages, and physical bits of paper littering my desk… Even when you’re away, people just try and try and try anyway. Some people with particular persistence.

And I was thinking, that God pursues me with a similar kind of persistence. When I’m stubborn, He’s patient with me. Time and again showing me His truth. When I’m foolish, He’s gentle with me, instructing me and guiding my steps. When I don’t speak to Him and I make myself too busy with other things, He still reveals Himself again and again and again, speaking into my life and my heart. He’s persistent in pursuing me. And I am so thankful for His pursuit.

Oh Jesus, may I turn and chase you with that same persistence.

P.s. I’m loving hanging out with my dog again… Check out how cute he is 😉


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