News flash moments and Indian food :)

Ok… This is a bit of a news flash moment.

Today… I told my boss that I’ll be handing my notice in and be preparing to move to Japan in the new year.


True that.

So today… I can now share this information with you all!

And ask for your prayers.


Now, I know for those of you who know me well, this isn’t a hugely surprising development. In fact, you’ve been walking this journey with me, and loving me and supporting me over these last months. You’ve been sharing in my joy and my burden and all God has been saying. You’ve just been amazing.

And for those of you who don’t know me so well, or who I haven’t had a good ol’ catch up with in a while… This is the point I’m at. You’re all amazing too.

I’m going to be writing my Masters dissertation out in Japan, and sowing into the fact that God has given me a long-term vision for the place and the people. And I’ll keep you posted on detail and developments as things start to firm up and come together. But my heart burns. In a God-given way.

So, I’d like to ask for your prayers. For these last few months that I’m in the UK, finishing up at work, and writing a fair bit of Masters stuff. That I could steward well, and focus strong and finish in the way God would want. That I can be a blessing to those I know and serve and love here. For my continued Japanese studies, and efforts to learn the language. For the practicalities of visa applications and finances and open doors. For God to be my hedge of protection.

God is good and faithful and I trust Him. And I am SO incredibly excited to walk the next steps of this journey. He’s taken me so far, and I know He is faithful to love me to the end. 

Watch this space…

Thank You Jesus.

I also had my first back-in-Scotland-Rajah tonight. Praise God for friends, family and great Indian food.



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